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Latest reviews

SitecodeLocation nameDate MarkReview
5275 De Zeven Linden23-1-2017 8
great place surrounded by nature including electricity. Beautiful walking and cycling opportunities.
23968 Autocamperplads Oasen Rømø22-1-2017 9
Beautiful parking space, plenty of space for awning, chairs and table, etc. to the left and right. Everything works well.
10137 Middelfart Lystbådehavne22-1-2017 3
are worlds apart above pictures and the overall impression of the place. We drove on.

Latest added motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCountry / Region / CitySubcategory
53678 Lissabon port area Portugal / Portugal Z / Lissabon At mix-parking
53628 Quelfes Portugal / Portugal Z / Quelfes At private home or company
53620 Parking Lidl Portugal / Portugal Z / Sao Bras de Alportel At mix-parking

Latest amended motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCountry / Region / CitySubcategory
53571 De Grote Glind Netherlands / Gelderland / Barneveld At private home or company
53560 De Pauw Netherlands / Noord-Holland / Wieringerwaard At private home or company
53539 Marktstraat Heerde Netherlands / Gelderland / Heerde At mix-parking

Recently added routes

RoutecodeName of routeLengthDescriptionCountry(ies)
RT23987 077-day 11 v1 Saparevo Banya - Predel 90 km
Beautiful scenery on the way.
RT23986 077-day 7-v6Yanyovets Sapareva Banya 276 km
You drive from the camp back to the E79 / 1 through Montana, Vraca Botevgrad. After Botevgrad is the E79 motorway.
RT23985 Copy of 077 days 5 v2 Eselnita-Yanyovets 201 km