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Latest reviews

SitecodeLocation nameDate MarkReview
18666 Stocksee24-2-2017 3
not get bad here again
21754 Vacaria24-2-2017 9
Cozy quiet and small motorhome. Friendly owners. Clean showers and toilets. Excellent wifi. The mentioned charge. What more could you want for 6 euros
5471 De Zwerver24-2-2017 7
We have been satisfactorily here. The code on the ticket, you can use Wi-Fi. Center is within walking distance.

Latest added motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCountry / Region / CitySubcategory
53983 Parcheggio Spiaggia Is Arutas Italy / Sardegna Z [CA-CI-OR-VS] / Cabras Especially for motorhomes
53968 Camping Parco Adamello Italy / Trentino Alto Adige [BZ-TN] / Carisolo
53966 Parcheggio Funivia Ciampac Italy / Trentino Alto Adige [BZ-TN] / Canazei At mix-parking

Latest amended motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCountry / Region / CitySubcategory
53958 Camping La Spiaggetta Italy / Sicilia O [CT-EN-ME-RG-SR] / Sampieri
53954 Lukstas Rest Park Lithuania / Litouwen totaal / Grauzai At private home or company
53943 Camping Santa Clara Spain / Valencia [03-12-46] / Altea

Recently added routes

RoutecodeName of routeLengthDescriptionCountry(ies)
RT25190 Access route 066 version 2 2391 km
There are many roads that lead to Bratislava.
RT25189 067 Harwich ---- King's Lynn 160 km
Today you come early in England and start the left-adventure. We go in eastern England through the county of Norfolk, where you include driving through the Thethford Forest.
RT25186 044 Day 5, St Florent - Calvi, version 2 65 km
The first part of the route (about 29 km) We drive meandering through the plateau and cross a very deserted area, the Desert des Agriates. Here you are one with nature. There are occasional moments stop on the side of the road. These are not large and only offer space for a single camper.