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Latest reviews

SitecodeLocation nameDateLanguageMarkReview
742 Kirmesplatz3-7-20159
Nice place. Too bad that this place is not in the green ACSI book. At the information board is that there is also a new CP at the AquAhaus. Address: Unterortwick 32. We have not been there but the photo is placed on this information seems like a nice place. In Germany, the local authorities know better than in NL, how tourists with their spending, draw.
9323 Am Emsseepark3-7-20156
We thought it was a bit of a gloomy place. We saw on the information board that there was a place away (approximately 1 km.). Beautiful open spot on grass. No amenities. Well good satellite reception here. Follow the signs P Lohwall. Before the bridge that goes over the water right. At high closed.
18768 Blegny-mine3-7-20157
Indeed, it is a nice place where we meet regularly but are now driven by campers were from far away when the ladies with kids came back with bags full passenger felt we confess to not really at ease there and no men in our Bulgarian and Romanian

Latest added motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCitySubcategory
11583 Mette & Steen Krog Holstebro / Midtjylland / Denmark At private home or company
42849 Coll del Ravell Arbúcies / Cataluna [08-17-25-43] / Spain Near restaurant
42801 Area de Oropesa Oropesa / Castilla La Mancha [02-13-16-19-45]-Madrid 28 / Spain Especially for motorhomes

Latest amended motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCitySubcategory
15658 Jachthaven 't Eiland Lathum / Gelderland / Netherlands Near marina
42848 Tollbod Larvik / Vestfold / Norway At mix-parking
1166 Parking Leiden / Zuid-Holland / Netherlands At mix-parking

Recently added routes

RoutecodeName of routeLengthDescriptionCountry(ies)
RT04155 Road Trip to Romania 2066 km
Road Trip to contacts in Romania, the way there.
RT04076 IRELAND WEST PART 2 995 km
RT04075 IRELAND WEST PART 1 770 km