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Latest reviews

SitecodeLocation nameDate MarkReview
886 Moselvorgelände9/30/2016 8
good lawn to stand, lots of space, bakery had in the morning, quiet and fun night
14099 Casa LongYin9/30/2016 9
Super motorhome !! You just have to search but that is very rewarding. If you have entered the coordinates and the TomTom says destination is reached, you stand on the EM 1272 in a dirt road. There you drive until you see the name plate with Yongli (name of the house). We were received very hospitable and immediately got all supplies to swimming pool in their private and showering with them.
12228 Parking9/30/2016 7
Quiet, even silent place. However dark at night. The restaurant is no longer there.

Latest added motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCountry / Region / CitySubcategory
52321 Camping Riva Smeralda Italy / Sicilia O [CT-EN-ME-RG-SR] / Milazzo
52310 Camping Orlando in Chianti Italy / Toscana Z [AR-GR-SI] / Cavriglia
52309 Butera Italy / Sicilia W [AG-CL-PA-TP] / Butera At mix-parking

Latest amended motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCountry / Region / CitySubcategory
52386 Mjus World Hungary / Hongarije W / Körmend
52437 Parking Teatro Romano Spain / Extremadura [06-10] / Mérida At mix-parking
52382 FKK-Camping-Valalta Croatia / Kroatie NW [01-02-05-06-07] / Rovinj

Recently added routes

RoutecodeName of routeLengthDescriptionCountry(ies)
RT20256 Aconcept 002 Tafraoute - Sidi Ifni 184 km
De reis gaat door de heuvels van de Sousse langs Ida Ou Gougmar en Tiznit naar de kust, waar we dan afzakken naar Sidi Ifni.
RT20255 Aconcept 002 Taliouine - Tafraoute 194 km
RT20254 Aconcept 002 Imi Ouadar - Village Ida Ou Gourd ( Essaouira) 144 km
Enkele kleine Marokkaanse haventjes onderweg, neem een van de vele afslagen en kijk naar de dagelijkse gang van zaken van de vissers.