Recently added routes

RoutecodeName of routeLengthDescriptionCountry(ies)
23987 077-day 11 v1 Saparevo Banya - Predel 90 km
Beautiful scenery on the way.
23986 077-day 7-v6Yanyovets Sapareva Banya 276 km
You drive from the camp back to the E79 / 1 through Montana, Vraca Botevgrad. After Botevgrad is the E79 motorway.
23985 Copy of 077 days 5 v2 Eselnita-Yanyovets 201 km
23950 077-day 32 v2 Aurel Vlaciu - Minis 178 km
A busy thoroughfare. Here and there are pieces of highway.
23949 077-day v2 30 Horezu - Aurel Vlaciu 199 km
A beautiful but difficult route through the Carpathians. The road is new here and still not finished there. Driver and motor must be in top condition!
23948 077 23-day v2 Zlati Piasati - Dragizhevo 235 km
You drive back to Varna and then you take a piece of highway E70 / A2 towards Shumen. Along the way you can stop at the Petrified Forest, an interesting natural phenomenon. Targoviste trip continues to Veliko Tarnovo on the E772 road.
23946 077 15-day v2 Bachkovo - Kazanlak 130 km
23941 077-day 3-v6 Oroshasa Eselnita 368 km
23940 077 - access route V5 1540 km
Suggestions access route We expect you on Sunday, May 28th around 12:00. Naturally, you can also arrive one or more days before camping pleasure pool (Oroshaza). The route you follow to the start site, of course, you yourself decide. Yet this beautiful route suggestion: From Utrecht follow the A12 towards Arnhem and Emmerich (border). Emmerich from the A3 direction Oberhausen, Koln, Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Nurenberg, Regensburg and Passau. You'll pass by the Suben border with Austria. In Austria you follow the E56 / A8 to Wels from Wels follow the E522 / A25 to Asten. From Asten follow the E60 / A1 motorway and drive along Melk, St. Polten, Vienna. From Vienna follow E60 / A4 towards Nickelsdorf (border Nickelsdorf- Hegyeshalom) then follow in Hungary road E60 / E75 / M1 direction Goor, Tatabanya, Budapest. In Budapest follow the E60 / E75 / M0 / M5 towards Kecskemet / Kiskunfelegyhaza / Szeged. From the M5 take exit 114. Follow road 451 now to pleasure pool UT in Oroshaza.
23930 017 Luyksgestel - Oteppe 110 km