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44409 Bioterme16-1-2017 9
It's a great place, near to the thermal bad. Peaceful, behind the bar, there is enough place for a camper, hardened with a grass around. The water and discharge facilities are outside the place. There is a small bridge to the place with no fence. It's possible to hike around, there are marked biking trails. Guests of the place have 30 % off in thermal bad and sauna. People are very friendly.
5416 Blauwestadhoeve16-1-2017 8
Do not place a high level, but everything is in order. A good base to explore the area. Wonderful cycling area with many monumental farms.
47510 Caravans Sangar16-1-2017 10
This is a comprehensive Camper center. There one gets Camper accessories and spare parts. Great. Even skilled personnel.
12987 Praia da Rocha16-1-2017 1
29314 Camping Municipal Val de Flux16-1-2017 8
Have been here several times in transit. Pleasant campsite for those who do not need extensive facilities. End of season beautiful fireworks. Friendly reception. Love to come back.
6085 Parking16-1-2017 2
It is a normal on-street parking. no area reserved for campers.
19698 Area Comunale16-1-2017 5
the area is clean well kept, with nice bathrooms, safe and supervised. He has the great disadvantage of being very inconvenient to the city center. passes in front of a bus with very sporadic races. Today we waited in the cold an exact time. then changes after 4 stops and takes the subway. I do not think we will be back. in Naples there are better solutions. Unthinkable to employ almost 2 hours x reach the center
12719 Barragem de Odivelas16-1-2017 10
A camping in a beautiful location. The view over the lake is great. Enter at hitting this location BARACHEM DE ODIVELAS. The address on the App is a PO box in Alvito This camp is one of the nicest we have ever done, TOP
14297 Porto16-1-2017 1
I should have taken more notice of the negative reviews already on this page. This site in Porto is not safe and we had all the wheels stolen from our bikes, on a weekday afternoon when there were plenty of other vans around. Its not an official parking site of any kind, its a crime hotspot and its grim. Much better to park in one of the many the suburbs and get the bus into town. Be warned!!
394 Hödenauer See16-1-2017 8
A good place to stay, or at a parking lot. Bathing, shower, toilet and a delightful restaurant. Great location.