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Questions about the Campercontact-app?

You can find frequently asked questions about the app on this special page.

Frequently asked questions Campercontact

What is Campercontact?

Campercontact is the best website for and by motorhome users. There are already over 30.000 motorhome stops in the database. Users can write reviews, send in modifications and leave photos. In this way, the site will remain up-to-date.

The database of Campercontact contains three categories of motorhome stops:

  • Motorhome parkings: places especially for motorhomes. Overnight stay is allowed. There are several subcategories.
  • Service area’s: places where motorhomes can discharge their waste water and chemical toilet and have the possibility to tank fresh water. Overnight stay is not allowed here.
  • Motorhome friendly campsites: places on campsites which comply with three conditions: motorhomes must have the possibility to discharge waste water and chemical toilet, and the possibility to tank fresh water.

The motorhome parkings are divided in the following subcategories:
  • Especially for motorhomes: places especially and only for motorhomes, this could also be a spot in front of the gate of a campsite.
  • Mixed parking: reserved spots at a general parking lot, where you often park between cars.
  • Near restaurant: places on the parking lot of a restaurant, hotel or café.
  • Private parking: places at a private person or company, mostly for free.
  • Near marina: places near a marina.
You can easily make a selection by using the advanced search.

How do I search for motorhome stops?

There are different ways to search for motorhome stops. You can select the category of motorhome stops you want to find on the homepage. By default, they are all 'checked'.

Quick search
By using the large search bar on the homepage, you can quickly search by town, region, name or sitecode. Also, you can quickly choose a country on the world map on the homepage.

Advanced search - show in list
To search more specific, click on 'show all and advanced search.' Here you can use very specific filters. The selection is displayed in a list. You can sort this list by distance, name and price.

You can also show the locations on a map. Just click on the 'Show on map' button above. With the button 'Show in list' you go back to the list.

Advanced search - show on map
Using the map, you can easily click/scroll to the desired area. You can drag the map around by pressing and holding the left mouse button. This way you can easily find places to stay along a given route. Click on an icon for brief information about the location. By clicking on the pop-up you'll go the page with details of the location. There you will find information such as photos, address, GPS, facilities, reviews, etc.

Can I use Campercontact when I’m on the road?

Yes. The information of Campercontact can be accessed in various ways.

  1. By using the Campercontact-app.
  2. By downloading the points of interest onto your navigation system.
  3. Through roaming (internet usage abroad).

How can I add a location to the database?

When you have a new location, which is still missing from the database, you can submit it using this form. Our team of moderators will assess the entry and will place it within two weeks after approval.

Illegal and onofficial places will not be put online. Campsites are only put online if they are motorhome friendly (possibility to discharge waste water and chemical toilet, and the possibility to tank fresh water).

I discovered a data-error. What can I do?

If you discover a data-error or outdated information on Campercontact, please let us know. Click 'Submit change request' or click on the modification-icon on the details page of the corresponding motorhome stop. This modification will be processed within two weeks.

Is Campercontact free to use?

Yes, the use of Campercontact.com is free for everyone. This site is made possible by the NKC (Dutch Camper Club) and also employs 15 volunteers to keep the information on the site up-to-date.

Why should I create an account?

The information on this website and within the app is accessible without account. It is therefor not necessary to create an account. However, with an account:

  • you will have access to your personal dashboard.
  • you can create a list of favorites and import them in the app. (Open the app > go to Favorites > press 'Import favorites from Campercontact')
  • you can add reviews and photo's.
An account can be created easily by using this link.