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Corona geeft camperverkoop injectie  
Motorhome sales increase due to COVID-19
Corona kurbelt den Verkauf von Wohnmobilen an

    Motorhome sales increase due to COVID-19

    19 November 2021
    More and more people are deciding to buy a motorhome because of the coronavirus crisis.This appears from research by the NKC, parent company of Campercontact. But not only in the Netherlands camping is unprecedentedly popular. European figures endorse this.
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  2. Along the Moselle in your motorhome

    11 October 2021
    The Moselle river basin has everything for a great trip with your motorhome. With the many wine-growing areas, the picturesque villages and towns and various walking and cycling routes, you have all the ingredients for a varied motorhoming holiday.
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  3. Winnaar #campercontactgarmin winactie

    The winner of the Campercontact Garmin promotion is known!

    21 July 2021
    Campercontact launched a promotion in collaboration with Garmin. To have a chance to win a Garmin Camper 890 motorhome owners shared their most beautiful photo of their motorhome trips. Here you can read about the promotion, the winners and a selection of the other entries.
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  4. An eventful first motorhoming trip

    08 June 2021
    If you’re working for the largest motorhoming club in Europe, you really must have been on a motorhoming adventure yourself at least once (but preferably even multiple times). With a packed motorhome, our city bikes in the garage and a good dose of enthusiasm, my boyfriend and I started our first motorhoming adventure six months after the start of my employment at Campercontact.
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  5. 'Camping behaviour allowed'… what does it mean?

    17 May 2021
    What does camping behaviour (not) involve? The answer to this question is relevant for all motorhome owners. And certainly for users of Campercontact. Camping behaviour allowed' is one of the filter options of the platform.
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  6. Brighten up the interior of your motorhome with plants

    04 May 2021
    Plants are a much-loved item in the interior. However, they are still far too rare in the interiors of motorhomes. Time to change that! We give tips on how to fasten them.
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  7. Campercontact - Motorhome types -

    Types of motorhomes (Infographic)

    14 April 2021
    We have listed the types of motorhomes for you. Campervan, Panelvan, Coachbuilt overcab, Low Profile, A class, Liner. You can download the infographic on this page.
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  8. Driving licence B - Campercontact

    Call for raising the B driving licence to 4,250 kilograms

    30 March 2021
    The NKC, parent company of Campercontact, is calling on European politicians to increase the weight limit of the B driving licence from 3,500 to 4,250 kilograms. In this way, motorhome tourism remains accessible to current and future generations.
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