1. 10 tips for motorhoming in the snow

    19 January 2023
    These motorhome tips guarantee a carefree preparation and will turn your motorhome winter holiday into an unforgettable experience.
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  2. Tip against winter blues: Anticipate your next camper trip

    17 January 2023
    How to beat the winter blues as a camper? Right: look up beautiful locations in advance and save them for your next RV trip!
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  3. Campercontact annual review 2022

    05 January 2023
    Another year over! Time races on 🚐💨💨. It’s been a year of growth, full of new initiatives to unleash our enthusiasm and milestones to be proud of. We'd love to take you through our 2022 motorhome year!
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  4. Winter motorhoming: These are the 6 best regions to spend the winter!

    15 December 2022
    But where is the best place to camp in the winter? We have listed all the best locations for winter motorhoming for you!
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  5. Magazine golden motorhome tips

    10 November 2022
    Free magazine with motorhome tips, by and for motorhome owners from the Campercontact community of 1 million.
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  6. Motorhoming in the winter checklist ✅

    09 November 2022
    A motorhome winter holiday requires a lot of preparation and thinking. We’re happy to help you out with a few pointers! Download this checklist and you're well prepared!
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  7. Czechia’s national treasures

    25 August 2022
    In the north of the Czech Republic, special natural treasures wait to be discovered. Here you find regions with poetic names, such as Czech Switzerland (Saské Švýcarsko) and Bohemian paradise (Český ráj). The beautiful nature of the Northern Czech Republic is well suited for a visit. These mountains with bizarre and whimsical sandstone rock formations guarantee several days of fun and wonder.
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  8. Caravan Salon 2022

    22 August 2022
    From 26 August to 4 September 2022, the world's largest trade fair for motorhomes, caravans and camping equipment will take place again: Caravan Salon Düsseldorf. Campercontact can not be missed, of course.
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  9. Motorhoming along the knightly tour El Camino Del Cid

    21 July 2022
    Free stopovers at local entrepreneurs in the countryside, when purchasing local products or services. España Discovery offers the Spanish version of ‘France Passion’. Our editor Agnes tries it out, spending three nights along the route of El Cid.
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  10. Peter, Myran and Luka: the sequel, the present and the future

    17 June 2022
    Peter, Myran and dog Luka have changed their life’s course. They have been living in their motorhome since the beginning of 2022 and are 'Endless on Wheels'. In three blogs, they provide a lot of answers to questions such as: how does such a dream become reality? What makes you decide to leave your house behind and live in your motorhome? In this third and final part they tell us about their most recent adventures in Italy and Greece. They also share their plans for the future with us.
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  11. Corona leads to mega adventure

    09 June 2022
    About 1.5 years ago, twins Jolisa and Saskia van Leeuwen, started a great adventure with Lisa de Bree and Eileen Helfferich. Due to the corona virus, they were all virtually out of work. They bought an English double-decker from 1976 with the dream of turning it into a motorhome with a spare room. Not hindered by their lack of technical knowledge, they got to work. And with success!
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  12. Peter, Myran and Luka: the first experiences as full-time motorhomers

    19 May 2022
    Peter, Myran and dog Luka have changed their life’s course. They have been living in their motorhome since the beginning of 2022 and are 'Endless on Wheels'. In three blogs, they provide answers to a lot of questions. In this second part: fun and less fun first adventures.
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  13. Tips to ‘travel better’

    17 May 2022
    Society is becoming more sustainable in many areas. And that does not go by the motorhomer. We would like to contribute to this, so that the motorhome owner of the future can still take the motor home on the road. For example, by sharing these tips on how you can travel better.
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  14. Peter, Myran and Luka: Turning dreams into reality

    21 April 2022
    Peter, Myran and dog Luka have changed their life’s course. They have been living in their motorhome since the beginning of 2022 and are 'Endless on Wheels'. In three blogs, they provide answers to a lot of questions. In this first part they tell us about their dream and how it was turned into reality.
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  15. Year in review 2021 (infographic)

    10 January 2022
    Another year has gone by! The cliché is true: time goes fast! Especially if you are having fun. And also in 2021 we at Campercontact had a good time! Enough developments to let our enthusiasm loose on. We would like to take you, with the help of an infographic, through "our 2021".
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  16. Driving a motorhome in the mountains

    09 December 2021
    We don’t need to tell you that driving a motorhome is different from driving a passenger car. But what should you pay attention to? In this blog we will give you several tips for driving in the mountains with a motorhome.
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  17. Motorhomes near by the river. Campercontact 

Corona geeft camperverkoop injectie  
Motorhome sales increase due to COVID-19
Corona kurbelt den Verkauf von Wohnmobilen an

    Motorhome sales increase due to COVID-19

    19 November 2021
    More and more people are deciding to buy a motorhome because of the coronavirus crisis.This appears from research by the NKC, parent company of Campercontact. But not only in the Netherlands camping is unprecedentedly popular. European figures endorse this.
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  18. Along the Moselle in your motorhome

    11 October 2021
    The Moselle river basin has everything for a great trip with your motorhome. With the many wine-growing areas, the picturesque villages and towns and various walking and cycling routes, you have all the ingredients for a varied motorhoming holiday.
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  19. Winnaar #campercontactgarmin winactie

    The winner of the Campercontact Garmin promotion is known!

    21 July 2021
    Campercontact launched a promotion in collaboration with Garmin. To have a chance to win a Garmin Camper 890 motorhome owners shared their most beautiful photo of their motorhome trips. Here you can read about the promotion, the winners and a selection of the other entries.
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  20. An eventful first motorhoming trip

    08 June 2021
    If you’re working for the largest motorhoming club in Europe, you really must have been on a motorhoming adventure yourself at least once (but preferably even multiple times). With a packed motorhome, our city bikes in the garage and a good dose of enthusiasm, my boyfriend and I started our first motorhoming adventure six months after the start of my employment at Campercontact.
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