1. Discover Europe on foot: the best hiking routes for motorhomers

    13 November 2023
    Explore breathtaking hiking routes across Europe for adventurous motorhomers. Discover the beauty of natural landscapes, historic towns and picturesque villages on these unforgettable treks.
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  2. Dog in motorhome: tips for a safe and fun motorhome trip with pets

    13 October 2023
    Find out how to travel safely and enjoyably with pets 🐶🐱 on an motorhome trip! Read our tips for a worry-free adventure 🚐
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  3. From Wadden to cities: ultimate autumn motorhome trip

    20 September 2023
    Discover all the highlights of the 🚢 Wadden Islands, 🏰 Friesland and Groningen in one amazing motorhome adventure! 🚐
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  4. Cooking leftovers in your motorhome: vegetable biscuits + motorhome truffles [BONUS!]

    14 September 2023
    Claire dives into her motorhome kitchen 👩🏻‍🍳 and prepares the most delicious dishes 🍪🥗 Check out her recipes and try them out! 🍴🍽️
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  5. Exploring Norway: a magical adventure!

    13 August 2023
    🚐💨 Discover enchanting Norway! Immerse yourself in this mysterious country with the most impressive nature.
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  6. Cooking in your motorhome: the essentials

    26 July 2023
    🍲 These basics from Claire are guaranteed to get you a long way 🍴 What are must-haves in your kitchen 🥣 and what's nice to have?
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  7. The ultimate golf road trip: discover Europe's best golf courses with your motorhome

    20 July 2023
    Discover the ultimate mix of golf and camping! Visit the best European golf courses with your motorhome and combine freedom, adventure and sport ⛳🚐💨
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  8. Along the Channel: ultimate campervan trip through southern England, Normandy and Brittany

    22 June 2023
    Explore the English Channel with your motorhome! Discover southern England, Normandy and Brittany. Read all about this ultimate motorhome adventure.
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  9. Cultural melting pot: discover the Franco-German mix in Alsace

    12 June 2023
    🚐💨 Discover the enchanting Alsace! 🍇🏰 Enjoy a unique blend of French and German cultures. Eat, drink and enjoy! 🍷🥨
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  10. Grand Tour through Belgium, France and Spain

    22 May 2023
    Take a Grand Tour through Belgium, France and Spain. Enjoy history, beautiful landscapes and culinary delights!
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  11. Campercontact Awards presented to best motorhome sites and campsites for motorhomes

    24 April 2023
    The winners of the Campercontact Awards were announced today. 20,000 motorhome enthusiasts from across Europe voted for nominated sites.
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  12. Winners of the campercontact sustainability awards 2023

    24 April 2023
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  13. Furnishing your motorhome: 3 tips

    12 April 2023
    Whether you live in your motorhome full time or travel regularly, a cosy motorhome makes your stay even more enjoyable. Furnish it simply and quickly!
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  14. 23 best travel apps for motorhomers in 2023

    04 April 2023
    Check out our list of the 23 best travel apps for motorhomers, which will help make your experience as enjoyable as possible.
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  15. Living in a motorhome

    30 March 2023
    Living in a motorhome: discover the freedom of full-time vanlife and find out if it's for you with tips, a checklist and experiences from Claire.
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  16. Baltic Sea Circle Challenge: Epic 7500 km road trip without GPS – Part 1/2

    26 March 2023
    The Baltic Sea Circle Challenge! The world's most northern rally, where participants drive 7500 km in 16 days with a car at least 25 years old! And to make things more extreme: without GPS. Anna and Stefan take on the challenge with their green T3 named Bert
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  17. Nominees Campercontact Awards announced

    14 March 2023
    Vote for your favourite motorhome site or campsite in six countries for a chance to win a Dometic fridge. See the nominees of the Campercontact Awards 2023 here.
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  18. Which type of motorhome is right for me?

    23 February 2023
    Are you planning on buying a motorhome but have no clue which type of motorhome is right for you? In this blog we'd like to tell you more about the campervan, panelvan, low profile, A class, coachbuilt overcab and the liner! Hopefully this way, you'll find out which one suits you best!
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  19. How to fit snow chains on your motorhome

    14 February 2023
    Are you taking your motorhome to the snow? Snow chains are highly recommended, and often mandatory on the way to ski resorts. In this blog you can read more about how to use snowchains under your motorhome.
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  20. 10 tips for motorhoming in the snow

    19 January 2023
    These motorhome tips guarantee a carefree preparation and will turn your motorhome winter holiday into an unforgettable experience.
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