Useful advice for the use of the Campercontact-app

How do I open an offline map? How do I search for a motorhome parking? How do I add a photo?
You can find the answers to these questions, and many more advice on this page.

Frequently asked questions Campercontact-app

Is my smartphone/tablet suitable for the Campercontact-app

We have chosen to develop two versions of the app. An iOS version (Apple) and an Android version (e.g. Samsung).
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I have a smartphone/tablet running on Windows. Can I download and install the Campercontact-app?

No. The app is only developed for Android and iOS. We have chosen for this because these operating systems are running on more than 90% of smartphones and tablets. If there is a growing demand for a Windows version, we will certainly explore the possibilities. However, at the moment there are no concrete plans regarding a Windows version of the app.

What is the difference between the trial version and the full version of the app?

The trial version of the Campercontact-app can be downloaded for free in de Apple App Store and in the Google Play store. In this trial version you'll only see a small selection of the database (10%). This way you can check if the app meets your expectations before buying the full version. With the full version you will have access to the offline maps and you will be able to update the data. The easiest way to check whether the full version is active or not, is by trying to update the data. Go to Info > Settings > Update the data now.

How do I get the Campercontact-app on my smartphone/tablet?

How do I get the full version of the Campercontact-app?

After you downloaded the free version of the app you can get the full version in a couple of ways.

  • By making an in-app purchase: within the app you can make an in-app purchase via Info > Buy full version.
  • By using a promotion code: via Info > Buy full version, you can find a section to enter a promotion code. With this code you can use the full version of the app for a certain period. Disclaimer: promotion codes are granted by Campercontact and used for promotional purposes only.
  • By using your NKC-membership details: members of the NKC (Dutch motorhome club) can use their membership details to get access to the full version of the app.

I don't want unnecessary Internet costs when traveling in foreign countries. What are the safest settings?

You can change your preferences in the app (Info > Settings). Under 'Send information and receive updates' select the button 'WiFi' (blue).

What am I able to do with the Campercontact-app if I don't have an Internet connection?

When you don't have an Internet connection you can still search through the entire database of Campercontact. With the use of GPS you are able to see the distance to the locations. With the use of the offline maps you are able to see the locations on a map. Adding a review, leaving photos or submitting a new location is also possible offline. The data will be saved on your device and eventually send to Campercontact when you connect to the Internet.

The nearest location is more than 3,000 kilometers away! How is that possible?

Your position is determined by the GPS module in your device. If your device doesn't have a GPS module (some iOS devices) or your GPS simply is deactivated, then your position can't be located. In that case, the motorhome stops will be sorted by name and the distance shown will be incorrect.

Does a GPS-connection cost me any money?

No. GPS is a system which uses satellites to determine your position. This doesn't affect your data usage.

How can I submit a new motorhome parking?

When you have located a new motorhome stop which isn't in the database of Campercontact, you can submit it using the 'Add camper site' button on the homescreen. The input is checked by our team of moderators and will be put active within two weeks after approval.

Campsites are only approved when they are motorhome friendly. This means that they have the possibility to discharge waste water, the possibility to discharge chemical toilet and the possibility to tap fresh water.

I discovered a data-error. What can I do?

When you have discovered incorrect data you can let Campercontact know. On the details page of the relevant motorhome stop, press the 'Send feedback' button to send the correct data. The input is checked by our team of moderators and processed within two weeks.

How can I add photos or write a review and does it affect my data usage?

You can add photos and a review by going to the details page of the relevant motorhome stop. The input is checked by our team of moderators and processed within two weeks.

In the settings menu of the app you can specify when the photos and reviews should be sent to Campercontact. With the right settings, the data will be stored in the device when you're offline and sent when contact is made with a WiFi connection. This way, it does not affect your data usage.