Your whole camper life in a single account

Want to write reviews and share photos? Then you’ll need a (free) Campercontact account. Your personal account page hosts a collection of all the locations you’ve ever reviewed.

Account page: overview of your camper life

All your reviews conveniently put together in one overview. The photos you shared? Your favorite locations? Yes, those too, you’ll find on your account page. Want to change the email address you linked to your account? Go to your account page to make alterations. And more.

Log in to view your personal account page. Don’t have one yet? No worries, you can easily create one for free.

Profile page: public inspiration to other motorhome enthusiasts

Linked to your account you’ve got a public profile page with all the content you shared with the community. To inspire others.

And to show off your camper experience maybe. A map covered with little pins on all the locations you visited...

On your account page you can choose what you want to share on your profile page and what to keep to yourself.

Profile status based on your contributions

Your personal reviews, tips and photos are extremely important to others. They use your contributions to evaluate locations. And that’s why we want to thank you. Your independent and reliable content grants you a certain profile status:

  • Beginner (got to start somewhere)
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
What’s your profile status based on? Among other things you’ll get points for:
  • Sharing reviews
  • Sharing photos
  • Adding new locations
  • Submitting changes
  • Registering an account

Got questions?

Do you want to know even more, then check the FAQ’s below.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by sharing content with others on the desktop site of Campercontact and with your Campercontact app.

It seems as if my profile status has dropped.

Your profile status is a reflection of your camping activities. You get points by sharing. And because these points have a certain expiration date, it’s possible that over time your total may decline. But no worries. Say, you turn into hibernation mode for a long time and your profile status is at risk, we’ll give you a heads-up first.

I wrote lots of reviews and shared tons of photos. Now here’s someone with a higher status but without any shared content. Why is that?

You can earn points by sharing your personal experience for the better of the camper community. Campercontact is a label of the Dutch club for motorhome enthusiasts, the NKC. It’s members get points for that too and for having an NKC motorhome insurance among other things.