Using the app

Update the data

data update1        data update2

On the homescreen there are several options. By pressing the orange button 'Update data' you can download the latest motorhome stops information. (In the next screen you'll have to press the 'Update the data now' button. This confirms the download process.) This can be done every day since database changes occur daily. However, it is not necessary. In general, it will be sufficient to carry out a data update every month.

Tip: you can set a daily reminder that tells you that new data can be downloaded. Click 'Yes' (so it's in the blue block as shown in the screenshot) and the reminder is set.

Offline maps

If you want to see the locations on a map, you can use the online map. But when you're in a foreign country you generally don't have an Internet connection. For those situations, we offer offline maps. It's important that you've downloaded these maps in advance, becasue an Internet connection is required. So it's wise to download the required offline maps before going to travel.

Make sure you have an Internet connection, preferably a WiFi connection, and open the offline maps menu. From the Home screen, click on 'Info' and then on 'Offline Maps'.

The following example shows you how to download the offline map of Albania:

  • Click on (for example) Albania.
  • Click Yes.
  • Download starts and will be ready within a few minutes (depending on your connection and the size of the map)
  • Once the map has been successfully downloaded, a cross will appear behind the region concerned.
  • To delete a map, you simply click on the cross and confirm this action.

offline kaarten 1        offline kaarten 2

offline kaarten 3        offline kaarten 4

You can not open offline maps from this screen. You must do this in the way that's explained here.

Searching for motorhome stops

The database of Campercontact consists of three main categories. Motorhome parkings, service areas and motorhome friendly campsites.

Motorhome parkings
Special parkings for motorhomes. Overnight allowed. There are several subcategories.

Service areas
Places where motorhomes can discharge their waste water, discharge chemical toilet and tap fresh water. Overnight is prohibited here.

Motorhome friendly campsites
Places at campsites that meet three specific conditions, the possibility to discharge waste water, the possibility to discharge chemical toilet and the possibility to tap fresh water.

These categories can also be found on the homescreen. You can also choose 'All sites' or 'Advanced search'. With 'Advanced search' you can fill in specific requirements. For example, you can specify that you only want to see free places in a certain region, with certain facilities or with a rating of at least an 8. You can save a filter setting so you don't have to fill it in each time. More information about ‘Advanced search’.


By pressing one of the categories, you'll get a list of motorhome stops. By default, this list is sorted by distance from your location (if the location is known). It is important that you have enabled 'Location Services' and give the app permission to determine your location.

In this so-called 'list view' you'll see briefly the most important information about the motorhome stops.


location from listview

Brief explanation of this information:

  • The icon on the left shows in which category the location falls. In the above example it's the category 'motorhome parkings'.
  • Then you see the name of the location and the destination.
  • The estimated price is the price in high season with a motorhome for a day (24 hours) for 2 persons including taxes.
  • Then you see the average grade visitors gave and the total number of reviews.
  • The maximum number of places gives an indication of the size of the motorhome stop.
  • In the example above the opening period is shown in green letters. This means that the location is open at this time. When this is displayed in red letters, the location is closed at this time.
Click on this block with information to go to the detailpage of the motorhome stop. Here you can find photos, contact information (eg GPS coordinates), available facilities, reviews and more.

detailpage1        detailpage2

Are you satisfied with what you have found, you can use the 'Route' option to navigate directly to this location. Attention: currently, it only works with TomTom and Navigon as offline navigation software on iOS devices. On Android Sygic also works. Apple Maps or Google Maps can be used when you have an Internet connection.

‘Locations on map’
When you have the 'list view' in front of you, you'll see 'Map' in the top right corner. With this button you can switch to see the locations on a map.

There are two types of maps: the online map and the offline map. If you have a WiFi connection and you click on 'Map', it will automatically open the online map. To open an offline map that you must have NO internet connection and have at least one offline map downloaded.

In the latter case, you will see a screen where you must select an offline map:

offline maps5

As you can see on the screen is that the downloaded offline maps are in orange. The offline map of Albania is selectable, The map Austria & Switzerland isn't. (You can see it's grey)

The offline map of Albania:
offline maps6        offline maps7

On this map you can see the locations which were all in the list view. When you press an icon on the map you will briefly see the most important information from that location as shown in the list view, then click it again it will give you the details of that motorhome stop.

You may zoom in (or out) to get a better picture of the location of a motorhome stop. With the 'Change' button which can be found in the top left corner you can quickly choose a different offline map.

Advanced search
Through the advanced search menu, you can easily set filters. Here you can choose for example that you only want to see free places in a certain region, with certain facilities or with a rating of at least an 8. You can save filters so you don't have to fill it in each time.

advanced search1        advanced search2

Suppose you only want to see locations in a particular region. Then do the following:

Click 'Country and region' and then choose a country (in this example, Germany). Now you get to see the regions of Germany:

advanced search3        advanced search4

In this list, check the regions by clicking on them:

advanced search5

Then click 'Continue' in the top right corner and to the same in the next screen:

advanced search6        advanced search7

Now the filter is set to all motorhome stops in the region Baden Württemberg ZO and ZW. By clicking the 'Save' button you can save this filter to use it again later. With the button 'Show results' you will see the motorhome stops that meet the entered criteria. In this example, you will get around 260 motorhome stops.

Tip: these results are shown as first in the list view. By clicking the 'Map' button you will see these motorhome stops also very clear on the online or offline map.

Tip2: with the online map you can also search for a city. So you can see immediately whether there are motorhome stops near the city you have searched for.

Send feedback, add a review or photo

Besides searching for motorhome stops, the app offers a couple of nice features. You can let other users of the app know what your opinion is about a certain motorhome stop. Moreover, you can submit one or several photos so everyone can see at a glance whether it's a suitable location. Do you see incorrect data, like prices? Let us know!

Send feedback

With the option 'Send feedback' (on the detailpage of a motorhome stop) you can send the correct information directly to the moderators of Campercontact so they can modify it as quickly as possible. This way you help other users of Campercontact because the database stays up-to-date.

feedback1        feedback2

Add a review

To add a review, first click on the ratings and then click the plus sign in the upper right corner.

review1        review2

In the next screen, click the number of stars you think the location is worth and add a review.

review3        review4

Click 'Send review' to send it to Campercontact.

Add photos

It is very simple to add photos. Again, go to the detailpage of a location. Click Add Photos. Here you have two options. Click on 'Album' to select previously taken photos. Click on 'Camera' to take a picture of the location. Once the photos are selected, click 'OK' in the upper right corner.

photo1        photo2

Sending feedback, adding a review or photos can all be done offline. The data will be stored on your device and will only be sent when a Internet connection is established. (Depending on the settings this can be a 3G/4G-connection or a WiFi-connection). When you have an Internet connection at the time of sending then the information will be sent immediately. See messages below.

photo4        photo3

My camper

With the functionality "My camper" you can easily find back your motorhome. It works as follows:

  • you want to go for a cycling tour, therefor you park your motorhome somewhere
  • you open the app, click on 'My camper' and you mark the location of the motorhome on the map
  • then you're going for a tour on your bike
  • you can't remember where you had parked the motorhome?
  • click in the app (via 'My camper') on 'Route to your camper' and choose a navigation program to start the route
This way you don't have to be afraid to get lost and you will always return the your motorhome.

Submit motorhome stop

It's possible to add a new location to the Campercontact database using the app. Just click 'Add' so you get the following screen:


In 'Site details', mark the location of the new motorhome stop. Then select the type of location: motorhome parking, campsite or service area. The name of the location is the final required field. However, it's important for our moderators that they are given sufficient information about a newly registered motorhome stop. Too little information and the location will not be added to the database. In 'Other information', try to fill in the price information, opening dates and available facilities. Also adding photos will be highly appreciated. In the 'Description field', you can add some extra information, such as the distance to the center of a town.

Got everything filled in? Click Send to register the location. The submitted location will be processed within two weeks.


Just as on the website it is possible in the app to store motorhome stops as favorite. Just click on the star that can be found on the detailpage of a location. It is also possible to import the favorites from your account on the website to the app.

Attention!It is currently not possible to import favorites from the app to your account on the website. We are working on it. It is therefore advisable to keep track of your favorites using the website. This way you have the same list of favorites on the website as in the app.

Info menu

Below is a brief description of the various options in the Info menu.

  • About this app: information about the content of the app and about who created the app.
  • About NKC: information about Europe's largest motorhome club, the supplier of the app.
  • Buy full version: in this screen you can buy the full version by making an in-app purcahse.
  • Account: here you can log in with your account information.
  • Settings: various options such as WiFi or 3G/4G, update the data or set a reminder. Also, you can see at the bottom of this page when the database was last updated.
  • Offline maps: the download screen for offline maps. This is only accessible when you have an Internet connection.
  • Frequenlty asked questions: opens the website containing frequently asked questions about the app.
  • Disclaimer: important information with regard to the use of the app.

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