Everything you need to know when motorhoming in the Netherlands

Campercontact country information - Mills in the Dutch landscape
Mills in the Dutch landscape
Campercontact country information - Delta Works, Zeeland vs. Cheese shop in Gouda
Delta Works, Zeeland and a cheese shop in Gouda

Attention cheese lovers everywhere! Are you going on a motorhome holiday to the land of cheese, tulips, windmills, the Delta Works and the homeland of legends such as Andre Rieu and Johan Cruijff? Great decision! With an area of 41,873 square kilometres and 17.4 million inhabitants, this country has plenty to offer.  It's not just cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague that are worth a visit, also look out for the small villages and rural areas. Go cycling or walking around the Veluwe or the Biesbosch, visit the Frisian waters or take a boat trip through Giethoorn. Please read this country information for everything you need to know before you visit the Netherlands in your motorhome. Or download this PDF and take it with you on your motorhome trip. 

Overnight stops

Are you travelling by motorhome in the Netherlands and looking for an overnight stopover? Then search for campsites and parking areas specially designed for motorhomes.  Wild camping is not allowed in the Netherlands. For motorhome sites in the Netherlands, see Campercontact.

Emergency telephone number

Ambulance, police, fire department: 112

Compulsory to bring

It is compulsory for drivers to have a warning triangle in the Netherlands.

Roads and traffic

Speed limit

The speed limits in the Netherlands:

  • Within built-up areas ≤ 3,5 t: 50 km/h
  • Within built-up area > 3,5 ton: 50 km/h
  • Outside built-up area ≤ 3.5 tons: 80 km per hour
  • Outside built-up area > 3.5 tons: 80 km per hour
  • Motorway ≤ 3.5 tons: 100 km per hour between 6.00 and 19.00. Outside those times 130 km per hour.
  • Motorway> 3.5 tons: 80, 100 or 130 km per hour. 80 km per hour for a motorhome (company vehicle type) and for a motorhome (private vehicle type): 100 km per hour between 6.00 and 19.00 and 130 km per hour outside those times.
  • Indication of fine up to 20 km per hour: maximum €173. The police cannot collect fines on the spot.


The Netherlands has two tunnels where you have to pay tolls: the Kiltunnel near Dordrecht and the Westerscheldetunnel.

Driving in winter

Winter tyres and snow chains are not mandatory.


Low emission zone rules differ per municipality. Read more about the low emission zones in the Netherlands (NL or EN).  Or look at the European low emission zones regulations per country on Urban Access Regulations.

Report a change?

The information on this page is checked regularly. However, it is possible that the regulations have changed in the meantime. All information on this page is therefore subject to change. Have you discovered an error? Please let us know via our contact form and we will, if necessary, amend it as soon as possible.