Real Holland

Out on the road with your campervan in Holland above Amsterdam

Absolutely everything the real Holland has to offer can be found to the north of Amsterdam. There is an abundance of space for cycling, boating, walking, fishing, sailing, outdoor sports, you name it, for as far as the eye can see. Plus a rich cultural historic offering with some very inspiring stories, which will continue to trigger and stimulate everyone’s imagination. There is plenty to do, see and experience along the North Sea coast, the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer coast, as well as the areas between the coastlines and you will be challenged to join in everywhere you go. You can enjoy unique events, beautifully preserved history, some fantastic overnight stays and culinary delights from locally produced products right throughout the entire year.

It goes without saying there is plenty of room for campervans to spend the night at sites which offer the appropriate facilities. You will be able to find a campsite or marina, where you and your campervan will receive a warm welcome, near every sight or attraction in North Holland North. Plus the larger towns will all offer excellent bus and train connections to Amsterdam too. Making sure a visit to our capital will be a relaxing day out, without the need to endlessly drive around in circles looking for an expensive parking space.

The interactive map will provide you with an overview of the campsites and facilities, as well as an extensive selection of the range of tourist attractions and events. Visit our area and allow yourself to be amazed. There is always something going on in Holland above Amsterdam.

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65 motorhome stops found
Bijenteeltmuseum (sitecode: 8646)
Motorhome parking Opperdoes / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Motorhome parking Opperdoes
Rate: € 11,00
Max. number of places: 3
Opened 1/4 - 1/9
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 74 km
7 reviews
Boerderijcamping De Vrije Vogel (sitecode: 20869)
Motorhome parking Oudeschild / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Campsite Oudeschild
Rate: € 20,00
Max. number of places: 10
Opened 1/4 - 1/11
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 108 km
7 reviews
Boerencamping De Gouwe Stek (sitecode: 3770)
Motorhome parking Bovenkarspel / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Campsite Bovenkarspel
Rate: € 16,00
Max. number of places: 10
Opened 15/3 - 1/11
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 69 km
35 reviews
Café Restaurant 't Fortuin (sitecode: 165)
Motorhome parking Wervershoof / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Motorhome parking Wervershoof
Rate: Free
Max. number of places: 5
Opened 1/1 - 31/12
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 71 km
9 reviews
Camperplaats De Krim (sitecode: 10491)
Motorhome parking De Cocksdorp / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Motorhome parking De Cocksdorp
Rate: € 22,00
Max. number of places: 10
Opened 1/1 - 31/12
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 119 km
25 reviews
Camperplaats Bolwerk (sitecode: 25551)
Motorhome parking Purmerend / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Motorhome parking Purmerend
Rate: € 6,90
Max. number of places: 5
Opened 30/1 - 28/1
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 47 km
54 reviews
Camperplaats De Tulpentuin (sitecode: 22343)
Motorhome parking Slootdorp / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Motorhome parking Slootdorp
Rate: € 11,50
Max. number of places: 8
Opened 1/1 - 31/12
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 85 km
71 reviews
Camping Le Maire (sitecode: 14490)
Motorhome parking Julianadorp / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Campsite Julianadorp
Rate: € 16,00
Max. number of places: 25
Opened 15/3 - 1/11
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 92 km
4 reviews
Camping Corfwater (sitecode: 8282)
Motorhome parking Petten / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Campsite Petten
Rate: € 23,00
Max. number of places: 15
Opened 8/4 - 1/11
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 81 km
18 reviews
Camping De Boekel (sitecode: 4692)
Motorhome parking Akersloot / Noord-Holland / Netherlands
Campsite Akersloot
Rate: € 19,70
Max. number of places: 40
Opened 1/1 - 31/12
Distance from Utrecht: approx. 60 km
15 reviews