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VVV Top van Holland

The 'Kop van Noord-Holland' Netherlands in a nutshell!

Whether you're staying on the 30 km long , yet tranquil coastline with beautiful sandy beaches or in the varied interior, the strength of our region is that there is a great diversity of landscapes.

Den Helder (the Sea Coast)
In the north of North Holland you will find the city Den Helder which is surrounded by water in the north, east and west. Den Helder is known by the Royal Navy and the Naval Days in the beginning of July.

The city centre has a wide range of shops and an indoor shopping mall. It’s really nice to shop in the city centre or to have a lunch on one of the many terraces. Den Helder has a beautiful wide beach where you can park your car for free. The city is already long been at the highest level when it comes to the number of sun hours per year. In 2014, Den Helder had with 1966 sunshine hours the most sunshine of Holland.

Besides the beach, Den Helder offers enough indoor entertainment including the old dockyard Willemsoord. This beautifully restored ground includes the Navy Museum with a submarine , the National Lifeboat Museum 'Dorus Rijkers', the multiplex cinema Utopolis and an indoor playground Ballorig. There are also several nice restaurants at the waterside with lovely terraces.

Furthermore, Fort Kijkduin is where you will learn everything about the history of this fort , the other forts in Den Helder and you can visit the sea aquarium . The Helderse Vallei is fun and educational for children, but also offers hiking and biking trails to discover dunes, forest and beach. Adjacent is the Klimvallei where your children or yourself can climb between the tops of the trees with challenging obstacles at 4 and 8 meters.

The Oranjerie, located in the centre of Den Helder, offers a beautiful collection of colourful tropical plants and is the largest Japanese garden with running water in the Netherlands. Project De Nollen is a must see for art lovers with a range of paintings, sculptures, structures and sculptures by RW de Wind exhibited in conjunction with the dunes.

Den Oever
Den Oever is located at the beginning of the Afsluitdijk and is the most famous village of Wieringen. The Normans visited the former island of Wieringen during the Middle Ages. In 1996 a silver treasure was found, belonging to ransacking Vikings. The Viking Information Centre has a permanent exhibition about the discovery of three silver treasures from Westerklief, attributed to the Vikings.

In the fishing port a fresh fishing market is held on the Saturday morning (only if the weather is good, otherwise there is no delivery of fresh fish). During summer months boat trips can be made from the fishing port on to the Waddenzee to look at the seals or fishing shrimps. Excursions on the mud flats also can be made during the summer months.

Schagen is a country town which became a city in the 15th century. The town was already a thousand years old then. Nowadays it has been developed to have a strong regional function.

When you like to go shopping Schagen is really nice to visit and offers the shops off your needs. Lots of people living in the surrounding area visit the indoor shopping centre Makado or have a break at one of the restaurants of the city centre.

Evidence of historical life can be found at Museum Vreeburg in the church, on the Markt and on the fronts of the houses around the market. During the summer months on Thursday’s the famous West-Friese Folklore display is held, with clothing, traditions and parades of historical carriages and traditional clothing. Lots of different activities are organised in the pubs and restaurants around the Markt.

Schagen has also a motor museum. This museum offers a collection of fifty different types of vehicles for the car enthusiast, as well as agricultural and farming tools.

For more information about our beautiful region please visit

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Area de Autocaravanas Slootdorp / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
Parking autocaravana Slootdorp
Precio orientativo: € 11,60
Número máximo de plazas: 8
Abierto 1/1 - 31/12
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 85 km
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Area de Autocaravanas Julianadorp / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
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Abierto 15/3 - 1/11
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 92 km
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Area de Autocaravanas Petten / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
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Número máximo de plazas: 15
Abierto 8/4 - 1/11
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 81 km
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Camping De Nollen (código del sitio: 20336)
Area de Autocaravanas Callantsoog / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
Camping Callantsoog
Precio orientativo: € 34,50
Número máximo de plazas: 230
Abierto 1/4 - 29/10
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 87 km
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Camping De Volharding (código del sitio: 19929)
Area de Autocaravanas Oudesluis / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
Camping Oudesluis
Precio orientativo: € 10,34
Número máximo de plazas: 15
Abierto 1/4 - 1/11
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 83 km
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Camping Duinzoomhoeve (código del sitio: 11515)
Area de Autocaravanas Julianadorp aan Zee / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
Camping Julianadorp aan Zee
Precio orientativo: € 19,94
Número máximo de plazas: 20
Abierto 15/3 - 1/11
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 95 km
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Camping Eindeloos (código del sitio: 18478)
Area de Autocaravanas 't Zand / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
Camping 't Zand
Precio orientativo: € 21,90
Número máximo de plazas: 15
Abierto 15/3 - 1/11
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 86 km
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Camping Oase (código del sitio: 27052)
Area de Autocaravanas Julianadorp / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
Camping Julianadorp
Precio orientativo: € 27,00
Número máximo de plazas: 80
Abierto 28/3 - 1/11
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 93 km
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Camping Strand49 (código del sitio: 19926)
Area de Autocaravanas Sint Maartensbrug / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
Camping Sint Maartensbrug
Precio orientativo: € 48,50
Número máximo de plazas: 30
Abierto 1/4 - 1/10
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 81 km
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Camping 't Noorder Sandt (código del sitio: 26822)
Area de Autocaravanas Julianadorp aan Zee / Noord-Holland / Países Bajos
Camping Julianadorp aan Zee
Precio orientativo: € 17,50
Número máximo de plazas: 54
Abierto 15/4 - 1/11
Distancia desde Utrecht: aprox. 94 km
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