The website uses cookies. We are happy to explain which and why.

What are cookies and what do they do?
Cookies are small files which remember your behavior and preferences on a website. The files help you enjoy the most of the website and any plugins. For this purpose, cookies are stored on your device.

No personal information
Cookies do not register your personal information, such as name, address or age. This type of data is stored in our database, but only if you have entered and saved it yourself. Cookies don’t have anything to do with this.

Which cookies does Campercontact use?
We use cookies on a small scale. The sole purpose of the cookies we use is making your visit as pleasant as possible and providing Campercontact with information which enables us to optimize the website. At we use cookies of our own, third-party cookies and third-party requests.

Below is a summary of the main cookies. Enter for the full overview.

Cookies of our own
We placed these cookies for the best functionality of the website. For example, to stay logged in during your visit.

# Name What is this? Sample value Domain Size Durability
1 ASP.NET_SessionId ASP.NET generic session cookie xwqti5sfjtw4wvstdtsdyelj 24 bytes Only during your session
2 _ga Google Analytics tracking cookie GA1.2.1445959551.1492091019 27 bytes 2 years
3 _gat Google Analytics tracking cookie 1 1 bytes Only during your session
4 __atuvc AddThis tracking cookie 1|15 19 bytes 2 years
5 __atuvs AddThis tracking cookie 58ef808b64e8b091000 19 bytes Only during your session
6 BCTempID HTTP cookie 14153723-2294-4d06-8935-f8068041740a 36 bytes Only during your session

Third-party cookies
These are cookies from plugins we use on The cookies stored on your device help perform these plugins.

# Name What is this? Sample value Domain Size Durability
1 uvc AddThis tracking cookies 1|15 6 bytes 2 years
2 loc AddThis tracking cookies MDAwMDBFVUlUMDAyMjI4MTkzMzAwMDAwMDAwVg== 40 bytes 2 years
3 test_cookie Gerneric testing cookie CheckForPermission 18 bytes Only during your session
4 BCTempID HTTP cookie 14153723-2294-4d06-8935-f8068041740a 36 bytes Only during your session
5 fr Facebook tracking cookie 0BN2ZKvbCe6rxiRod..BY74Bg...1.0.BY74Bg. 39 bytes 90 days
6 AWSALB HTTP cookie bfgTMNwG0S6qQVoVw6SlAubDFwaRcRFPNyn+VM6PTXL2Lvq3z6KnFvo/ODh0HRddYFifuTNoCNhjdTbdceWMNJXjGxV4WQ+/nMM6Msi7jLX2htyws4s5aj/MOTII 124 bytes 7 days

Third-party requests
These are not actual cookies. So nothing will be stored on your device. By using third-party requests, you send information about your session. Think of it as a kind of digital fingerprint. The data tell about the configuration of your device. For example, your operating system, browser or screen size. You share this kind of data automatically from the moment you enter the website.

Don’t like cookies?
We use cookies to make your visit as enjoyable as possible and to improve the website. For the best experience, we advise you to allow cookies. If you don’t want cookies, you can remove or block these little helping tools in advance. See the tips on how to do that.