Along the Moselle in your motorhome

11 October 2021Shirley

Along the Moselle in your motorhome

The Moselle river basin has everything for a great trip with your motorhome. With the many wine-growing areas, the picturesque villages and towns and various walking and cycling routes, you have all the ingredients for a varied motorhoming holiday. Campercontact gives you tips for activities and overnight locations, so that you can get to know the Moselle region easily with your motorhome.

The Moselle has its source in the French Vosges at an altitude of 735 meters at the Col de Bussang. The river eventually joins the Rhine 544 kilometers downstream at Koblenz, Germany. This is only a fairly small area, but large and versatile enough for the perfect motorhoming trip.

Wine, wine and more wine

Wine lovers will definitely enjoy themselves in the Moselle region. There are many green vineyards on the steep slopes that tower above the river. Even if you don't drink wine, these vineyards still offer beautiful views.

Burgundian life here goes hand in hand with sports activities. Tighten the laces on your hiking boots and walk the Weinkulturwege or the Römische Weinstrasse, for example. Along the way, visit one of the Straußwirtschaften for a well-deserved break among the vineyards. In these simple premises, local winegrowers offer home-made wines and regional dishes. With such an authentic tasting experience, the psyche also enjoys the Moselle region to the fullest.

The Piesporter Goldtröpfchen vineyard - Campercontact
The Piesporter Goldtröpfchen vineyard

Walking and cycling along the Moselle

The Moselle’s riversides offer a fantastic area for walking and cycling. Due to the height differences, the routes are sometimes very challenging. A great way to burn the Moselle calories, but keep this in mind when plotting your route. Need inspiration? Then consider the Moselsteig, a walk of 365 kilometres, which is divided into 24 manageable stages. Or cycle part of the Moselradweg. This well-designed 269-kilometer cycle route starts in Thionville, France and ends in Koblenz, where the Moselle joins the Rhine.

Cities and villages along the Moselle

The landscape itself is reason enough for many motorhome owners to head towards the Moselle, but along the way you will also encounter many villages and cities that are really worth a visit. Campercontact lists a few for you below.


You don't necessarily have to park your motorhome in the town itself, but La source de la Moselle is very special: the point where the Moselle rises. The source has had a granite monument just below the Col de Bussang since 1965.

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La source de la Moselle - Campercontact
La source de la Moselle (bron: Wikipedia)


This French city along the Moselle has its own Centre Pompidou since 2010. In this art centre with modern and contemporary art you can visit (temporary) exhibitions, live performances, film screenings and lectures. Another special attraction of the city is located in the middle of the Moselle waterway: the small island of L'île du Petit Saulcy. Here you will find, among other things, a theatre and a church.

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The small Luxembourg town of Schengen is located at the border triangle of Luxembourg, France and Germany. If you cross the Moselle Bridge from Schengen, you are in Germany. Like many other places on the Moselle, Schengen is known for its many vineyards. In this case the one at the Markusberg. In Schengen you will also find Schengen Castle. The Gothic tower has been a protected heritage site since 1986. Furthermore, Schengen is of course known for the political treaties of the same name, which allow the free movement of persons and goods between 26 European countries. You can learn more about this in the Europe Museum (free).

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About 2,000 years ago, Trier received the honourable nickname "the second Rome", from the Romans themselves, that is. The oldest city in Germany is still known for the impressive Roman monuments located here. From the Basilica of Constantine and the Amphitheatre to the Porta Nigra and the Barbara Thermae, a visit to Trier will not disappoint you.

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Porta Nigra Trier - Campercontact
Porta Nigra Trier


A motorhoming trip along the Moselle would not be complete without a visit to the town of Cochem. You will certainly not be the only tourist, but if you look past this, you will see a beautiful market square, the Sint-Martinuskerk and of course the main attraction: the Rijksburcht Cochem, which has watched over the city from a hundred-meter-high hill since the eleventh century.

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The old town hall and the Florinskirche are beautiful buildings to visit in the picturesque centre of Koblenz. The Jesuitenplatz is also worth a visit. Here you will find four classic half-timbered houses known for their beautiful facades called: the Vier Türme.

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Koblenz Vier Türme - Campercontact
Vier Türme Koblenz (source: wikimedia)

And now grab your motorhome and head in the direction of the Moselle! 

Hopefully, after reading this story, you have felt the urge to enjoy all the beauty (and goodies) that the Moselle region has to offer from your motorhome. Bon voyage and Prost!