23 best travel apps for motorhomers in 2023

04 April 2023

As a motorhomer you are used to going on an adventure and discovering new worlds. You load up the motorhome, and off you go! The journey itself is the destination, and to make your experience as pleasant as possible, there are, fortunately, many different travel apps. For example, these help you find places of interest, keep track of your finances, and - essential in 2023 - find WiFi.

This page provides a convenient overview of 23 travel apps for motorhomers, divided into various categories. All travel apps we show are available for Android and iOS. You will probably already know quite a few, and other travel apps will hopefully enrich your motorhome life ๐Ÿ˜Š

Travel apps for translating

Google Translate

No matter how large your vocabulary is, running something through Google Translate is sometimes very useful. Of course, it remains a machine translation, but you get an impression of what's written. Handy if you unexpectedly have to go to the hospital abroad and want to be sure you understand each other.

Appstore - Google Play

Google Lens

That menu that is only written in the local languageโ€ฆ Are you going to type that into Google Translate? No, just point your camera at the text with Google Lens, and there's your translation! Google Lens is a separate app but is also part of Google Translate and the Google search app. Just click on the camera and translate.

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Travel apps for places of interest


A travel app that provides reviews, photos and information on hotels, restaurants and tourist sites.

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Google Lens

This app is very useful for translating text on objects and finding information at places of interest. Are you standing in front of a statue of an old naval hero on a horse or a characteristic building in a city? But you have no idea what you're actually looking at? Then just point the camera at it, and you will see various sources with relevant information.

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Travel apps for navigation and maps

Google Maps

Indispensable for anyone travelling. A map and navigation app that provides real-time traffic information (including congestion-free alternatives), route planning, points of interest and transportation options.

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An offline map and navigation app that provides detailed maps of cities around the world without an internet connection. The best thing about this app is that a community of users develops it, so the information about local attractions and businesses is constantly updated. For example, you often find new, undiscovered routes that are not shown on Google Maps.

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Travel apps to manage your finances

XE Currency

With XE Currency, you can convert any amount from and to any currency you want. All currencies are available in the app, and it tracks how the currency changes in value.

App Store - Google Play


Especially if you are travelling for a longer period, it is good to monitor whether you are still staying within your budget. Mint helps you with that.

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Travel apps for organisation


With PackPoint, you create packing lists specific to a certain destination or activity. Click on a category, and bam, a whole list of suggestions. You can customise and expand it. And also handy: you can check off all items when packing.

App Store - Google Play

Google Keep

An app that helps you organise everything in your motorhome life. Take notes, save website links and create folders to organise all those thoughts.

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Travel apps for sports activities


At AllTrails, you will find hiking and trekking routes around the world with photos, maps and directions. You can download route maps offline if you purchase the PRO version.

App Store - Google Play


Another great app for exploring nature! With Komoot, you can plan your adventures, navigate and enjoy your hike, road bike or mountain bike to the fullest. You can set every detail of your trip, including difficulty, distance and surface.

App Store - Google Play

Travel app for ridesharing services


A ride service app that offers users the option to easily book rides if you don't want to drive your motorhome for a while.

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Travel apps for safety on the go


Are you travelling with your partner or friends? That can be fun, but it is also nice to go out on your own. With Life360, you always know where everyone is. You do not have to do this manually, as with WhatsApp. If you use the app with several people in different compositions, you can also create groups.

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First Aid

An app you hope you won't need. FirstAid can be useful if you have little or no first-aid knowledge or are unsure about what to do in certain situations. So if something does happen, you know how to act.

App Store - Google Play

Travel apps for weather forecast


A weather forecast app that provides real-time weather information and comprehensive daily and weekly forecasts for various locations around the world.

App Store - Google Play


A handy app that mainly focusses onโ€ฆ indeed: the wind. Ideal if, for example, you want to choose a spot and take the wind into account. You can use the map to zoom in on your location and see exactly where the wind is coming from and how it will develop. Also useful if, for example, you want to go on a bike ride and do not want to ride into the wind the whole way.

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Travel apps for relaxation


Streaming videos takes quite a bit of data, but with Netflix's download function, you can put as many films and series on your device as you want. Great for the lost hours on drizzly days.

App Store - Google Play


The same applies to the music service Spotify, where you can go for all music styles and podcasts. Don't know what to listen to? Then check the Campercontact motorhomer playlists.

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Travel app for overnight locations

In this overview of travel apps for motorhomers, you will not find any apps to book hotels or apartments from locals because you have your own accommodation with you. But what is an overview of travel apps for motorhomers without the app for motorhome stopovers and campsites: Campercontact?


We don't like to blow our own trumpet, but with the Campercontact app, you have everything in your pocket to find the best place to stay anytime, anywhere. You can choose from almost 40,000 verified campsites and motorhome stopovers. Among those huge numbers, you can easily find what you seek through advanced filter options. Have you discovered some gems and read the reviews? Then quickly save them as a favourite. Oh, and download the area through which you want to motorhome, so you can also find the most beautiful places offline.

The advanced filtering, saving as favourite and offline use is part of Campercontact PRO. You are already a real PRO for โ‚ฌ2.49 per month.

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Other travel apps

Wi-Fi Map

Although the data bundles are getting bigger these days, using WiFi for a while is sometimes nice. With WiFi Map, you will find over 150 million free WiFi hotspots worldwide.

App Store - Google Play

Unit Converter

A great app to convert anything and everything. Foreign currencies, but also, for example, Celsius to Fahrenheit, kilometres to miles, litres to ounces.

App Store - Google Play


As a motorhomer, you often visit new places. With Visited, you can easily map out where you've been. A digital alternative to a map with pins. You can also make lists of the places you would like to go.

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