Types of motorhomes (Infographic)

14 April 2021Shirley

6 types of motorhomes

Do you know the different types of motorhomes? We have put them together in an infographic. Including their characteristics.

Campercontact - 6 Types of motorhomes


A campervan is the size of a big car. This makes the vehicle agile, fast and suitable for parking garages. Most have a rising roof (or elevated roof) that fits a bed for two. A campervan has a modest kitchen and there are no fixed sanitary facilities.


This model is built on a van base. While it has room for a complete bathroom, it’s still compact enough to easily navigate narrow city and mountain roads! The entrance is typically, a sliding door on the side of the van.

Coachbuilt overcab

You can recognize this type of motorhome by the distinctive hump above the cab. This spacious family motorhome offers room for more than two people. It contains lots of living space and usually more than six sleeping spaces. The height of this motor-home has its disadvantages. It’s not very fuel-efficient and usually doesn’t fit an ordinary parking bay.

Low profile

A low profile is by far the most popular model. It’s built on an existing chassis, including the original cab of the base vehicle. The interior can be arranged in many ways. In addition to a kitchen and a complete bathroom, it has sleeping space for two in the back. In some cases, it also includes a drop-down bed. The length varies from 5,5 to 7,5 meters.

A Class

An A Class is built on an existing chassis. Cab and living area are integrated. Advantages are the large front window and its lack of steps. It’s slightly more expensive than a lowprofile motorhome.


A liner is built on a truck chassis (hence the similar size and weight), but has the look of a coach. Due to the size of about 8 to 12 meters, it has room for a large kitchen, a bathroom and a spacious sleeping and sitting area. Most liners contain a garage that fits a small car. Due to the luxurious layout and design, this type of motorhome is rather pricey.