Motorhome sites of the year 2021

Some motorhome owners enjoy staying at a quiet motorhome site in the countryside, while others prefer an overnight site where there is no shortage of things to do and plenty of facilities. Fortunately, motorhome sites come in all shapes and sizes, as you can see by the wide variety of sites on Campercontact.

There are many factors that can contribute to a high rating, such as friendly motorhome site managers, beautiful surroundings, and well-maintained facilities. But which overnight locations have been rated the very best? We have selected them for you!

On this page, you will find the top three highest-rated motorhome sites per country on Campercontact.

Participating countries

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain

Background information Motorhome site of the year 2021
Our motorhome sites of the year are selected based on the highest average rating in 2020, with a minimum of 15 unique reviews. A five is the highest possible score.聽

Last year was an extraordinary year. A year when Covid-19 touched us all. The effects have been felt by motorhome owners, motorhome sites and travelling itself. However, the level of the impact from the coronavirus on a country, area or motorhome site was not taken into account when selecting the winning overnight locations.

In this video the six winners, below the top three per country:

The three winners from the Netherlands

# 1 in the Netherlands | Dorpscamping Gemert (81083), Gemert - North Brabant

With an average rating of 4.92 out of 5, this village campsite in North Brabant has the highest rating of all! In addition to its location (on the edge of the village of Gemert yet still surrounded by beautiful countryside), this motorhome site is highly rated for its well-maintained facilities and the hospitality of the owners.

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# 2 in the Netherlands | Motorhome stopover at camping Sparrenhof (53240[CN1]聽[SN2]聽), Gasselte - Drenthe

The motorhome stopover at camping Sparrenhof in Gasselte takes second place, with a score of 4.85 out of 5. Motorhome owners love this site for its spacious pitches and as an ideal base for walking and cycling in the surrounding area.聽

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# 3 in the Netherlands | Camperplaats Polderhaan (78033), Harmelen, - Utrecht

Third place goes to motorhome stopover Polderhaan in Harmelen. The average score of this motorhome site in Utrecht is 4.84 out of 5. According to the reviews on Campercontact, it is a beautifully landscaped, green motorhome site. There are plenty of good facilities and the sanitary amenities are well kept.

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Motorhome sites of the year 2021 - The Netherlands

The best motorhome sites in Belgium

# 1 in Belgium | Camperhoeve De Bonterie (95381), Diksmuide - West Flanders

With an average score of 4.77 out of 5, Camperhoeve De Bonterie in Diksmuide deserves to be number one in Belgium. At this motorhome stopover you can park among the dairy cattle that graze in the nearby meadow. The site is an ideal base for cycling and hiking (to the sea). The friendly managers, the bread service at the weekend and the regional products available are also praised by visitors.

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# 2 in Belgium | Smart-ijs (24474), Wingene - West Flanders

This motorhome stopover in Wingene, Flanders, finished in second place, just like last year. The motorhome stopover is near an ice cream parlour and bistro: no wonder that the location is often mentioned as a plus point! The friendly owners are also regularly talked about in the reviews. Together, all the benefits of this site receive a score of 4.62 out of 5 on Campercontact.

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# 3 in Belgium | Camperplaats 't Meikensbos (92840), Dentergem - West Flanders

Third place also goes to a site in West Flanders, motorhome stopover 't Meikensbos in Dentergem. This site is popular with motorhome owners because of the excellent cycling and walking options in the area. The tranquillity, the optional bread service and the friendly managers also get frequent mentions in the reviews. The average rating? It鈥檚 a 4.58 out of 5.

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Motorhome sites of the year 2021 - Belgium

The three champions in Germany

# 1 in Germany | Ferienhof de Slaaphoeve (13879), Emlichheim - Lower Saxony

Third place last year, this year number one: Ferienhof de Slaaphoeve in Lower Saxony. The average rating for this motorhome site in Emlichheim is 4.87 out of 5.聽聽 The luxurious and clean sanitary facilities and the warm welcome (including fresh eggs!) from the owners are the most frequently mentioned highlights of this site. 馃槉馃槈

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# 2 in Germany | Familie Hink (65970), Brokdorf - Schleswig-Holstein

In second place, the Familie Hink motorhome site. A motorhome site on a farm where the location and the hospitality and helpfulness of the owner are highly recommended in the reviews. The score? A wonderful 4.2 out of 5.

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# 3 in Germany | Panorama-Stellplatz Herxheimer Himmelreich (88781), Herxheim am Berg - Rhineland-Palatinate

In third place is motorhome stopover Panorama-Stellplatz Herxheimer Himmelreich, with a score of 4.74 out of 5.聽 Campercontact users are full of praise for the view over the vineyards at the back of the site.聽 In addition, the hospitality of the site managers and the bread service are often mentioned in the reviews.

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Motorhome sites of the year 2021 - Germany

The top 3 motorhome sites in France

# 1 in France | Camping Verte Rive (23521), Cromary - Bourgogne-Franche-Comt茅

Camping Verte Rive in France scored 4.67 out of 5 and is the French winner! The quiet waterside location, spacious pitches, and facilities such as a bread service, canoe hire and a weekly pizza evening make this campsite very popular.

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# 2 in France | Domaine Distaise (19291), Grane - Auvergne-Rh么ne-Alpes

Second place for the motorhome site of the year 2021 - France goes to Domaine Distaise.聽 This motorhome stopover at a farm in Grane scores a 4.4 out of 5. The site is very close to the Dr么me River and a nature reserve. This is one of the reasons why the location of this overnight stay is highly prized by motorhome owners. The adjacent farm shop is also popular.聽

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# 3 in France | Aire de Camping-Car Sainte Claire (21950), Neufch芒tel-en-Bray - Normandy

The bronze medal goes to the Aire de Camping-Car Sainte Claire motorhome stopover. The site is well maintained, and the clean sanitary facilities are highly rated by Campercontact users. The average score? A 4.38 out of 5.

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Motorhome sites of the year 2021 - France

The 3 best overnight sites in Italy

# 1 in Italy | Camping Venezia (23204), Venice - Veneto

With a score of 4.31 out of 5, Camping Venezia is the motorhome site of the year 2021 - Italy! The location of this campsite provides an excellent base for motorhome owners who want to visit Venice. The camping site is leafy and there is plenty of shade. The sanitary facilities are also very modern and clean.聽聽

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# 2 in Italy | Il Poggio delle 5 Terre (28139), Monterosso al Mare - Liguria

Motorhome stopover Il Poggio delle 5 Terre in the Cinque Terre National Park scores 3.95 out of 5. And takes second place in the motorhome site of the year 2021 - Italy. You have a beautiful view of Cinque Terre from this site. The motorhome site is well maintained, and the managers are very friendly. Visitors are also happy with the shuttle service provided.

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# 3 in Italy | Area Camper Peschiera del Garda (26264), Peschiera del Garda - Veneto

With a score of 3.82 out of 5, Area Camper Peschiera del Garda has made it to third place. This centrally located motorhome stopover is a perfect base for cycling to Peschiera and Sirmione. Curious about the rest of the reviews? Then click on the link below.

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Motorhome sites of the year 2021 - Italy

The most popular motorhome sites in Spain

# 1 in Spain | Atalaia Camper Park (56701), Foz - Galicia

Atalaia Camper Park in Foz is Spain's number one motorhome site with a score of 4.83 out of 5. And what is mentioned the most? Manager Moncho! Most reviews praise the super friendly and service-oriented owner. In addition, the site is well maintained, and everything is clean. Its perfect location close to the sea and a supermarket is often mentioned in the reviews on Campercontact.

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# 2 in Spain | Area de Autocaravanas Suances (62523), Palencia, Castile and Le贸n

The number two motorhome site in Spain is motorhome stopover Area de Autocaravanas Suances. This site, with a motorhome washing area, scores 4.61 out of 5 on Campercontact. The location, within walking distance to the city, and the hospitality of the owners contribute to the good score.聽

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# 3 in Spain | Little Texas (88506) | Tabernas, Andalusia

Little Texas motorhome site in Tabernas finishes in third place. Visitors praise the friendly and helpful managers and the well-maintained pitches and facilities. So, what did this site score? This motorhome stopover has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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Motorhome sites of the year 2021 - Spain