Manual - How to import the Campercontact POI's into your navigation system.

Campercontact offers the possibility to put all motorhome stops of Europe on the navigation system. This way you can easily navigate to a motorhome stop.

Do you have a TomTom Live edition, then use the live-manual. (Which system do I have?)

Steps to put the database on the navigation system

  • STEP 1: Go to the downloads page.

  • STEP 2: Download the files
    Click on the link 'TomTom' (all countries or just one country) and also download the 'Iconfile'. Save both files to your computer.

  • STEP 3: Connect your TomTom to your computer
    Use the USB cable that came with your TomTom. The TomTom is now 'visible' to the computer as a removable disk.

  • STEP 4: Copy the files
    Go to the folder on your computer where you saved the files from step 2. Select and copy (right click and copy) the files.

  • STEP 5: Put the files on the TomTom
    Search for the TomTom-directory (which is shown after step 3) and click on the maps folder, for example, the Benelux or the Western_Europe folder. Then 'paste' the files in this folder. (Right click and paste)

    The files are copied to this folder. Now you can start using the locations of Campercontact on your TomTom navigation system.