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Motorhome routes: the best road trips in Europe

The motorhome routes in the Campercontact app (iOS | Android) allow you to enjoy rich, carefully prepared motorhome trips full of sights and tips. With room for your own interpretation. Our full range is suitable for both beginners and experienced motorhomers. You can follow them at your own pace and choose motorhome locations that fully meet your needs. So with our suggestions and your preferences, you'll enjoy your camper road trip to the fullest!

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Our motorhome routes

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Motorhome Route Belgium - Natural beauty and history in the Ardennes

Described route: 5 days

Discover the nature, history and gastronomy of the Ardennes during this unforgettable motorhome route. Explore the beautiful wooded area with dozens of hiking and cycling routes and choose from over 40 attractions for young and old. The route is compact, so ideal for a short break! The rich programme allows you to extend your camper trip if you wish. You decide! Start and end in Spa and plan your perfect trip with our route suggestions and filters in the app.

Motorhome Route Denmark: from city to beach

Motorhome Route Denmark - From City to Beach

Described route: 22 travel days 

Denmark offers a lot: characteristic villages, beautiful beaches and nature. With the island of Rømø as a beautiful start of the route, you immediately get acquainted with Danish beach life and you have the chance to spot seals. Via Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark, and charming Viborg you meander to the northernmost tip of the country. Here, in the artist town of Skagen, you can see how the North Sea and the Baltic Sea come together. Back to the south you will pass two bustling harbor cities: Aalborg and Århus.


Motorhome Route Germany - German Hanseatic cities

This motorhome journey takes you through enchanting Northern Germany, passing historic Hanseatic cities and beautiful coastlines. Enjoy the unique charm and sights of each city. You start your journey in picturesque Emmerthal and eventually end in one of the best-preserved Hanseatic cities, Wismar.

riquewihr church

Motorhome Route Germany and France

Discover Roman heritage and idyllic vineyards on the "Wines and Romans" motorhome route. Start in Trier, Germany's oldest city, and travel through scenic villages such as Riquewihr in French Alsace. Taste local specialities and enjoy beautiful bike rides through vineyards. The route ends in Neumagen-Dhron, Germany's oldest wine town. This route offers a perfect combination of culture, nature and culinary delights.

Motorhome Route - Straight through the Pyrenees

Motorhome Route France, Spain and Andorra - Straight through the Pyrenees

Described route: 15 travel days 

The Pyrenees form the natural border between France and Spain and are richly blessed with natural beauty. The route mainly leads through the (northern) French Pyrenees, but also visits the Spanish part and Andorra. The (pass) roads in the Pyrenees are sometimes not too wide, but are easy to drive with some mountain experience. The area has hardly any mass tourism.

Motorhome Route Greece - Greece by land

Motorhome Route Greece - Greece by land

Described route: 22 travel days 

Greece is a beautiful country with a long coastline. This route is a combination of impressive culture, nice places, beautiful varied landscapes, cozy terraces and wonderful beaches. Sometimes the places are on the small side.

Motorhome Route Italy - from Rome to Sicily

Motorhome Route Italy - from Rome to Sicily

Described route: 22 travel days 

This beautiful route takes you from the proud Italian capital of Rome to versatile Sicily. No island is as rich in ancient cultures as this sun-drenched volcanic island, the largest island in the Mediterranean. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Moors, Byzantines, Normans, Spaniards and French have left their mark. Their buildings, mosaics, murals and gardens are unique in diversity and beauty.

Motorhome Route Netherlands - Eleven cities Tour by Motorhome

Described route: 12 days

Discover the famous Frisian eleven cities by joining the Eleven Cities Tour by Motorhome at your own pace and at your own time. Follow the route of the legendary outdoor ice-skating event while sitting comfortably in your own motorhome. The route starts in the Friesian capital (Leeuwarden) and ends there again: at the Bonkevaart. Along the way, you will get to know the best the province of Friesland has to offer. Even if you do not like skating, this is an experience you will never forget.

Motorhome Route Netherlands - Island hopping on the Wadden

Described route: 15 days

Experience the best of the northern Netherlands with the unique motorhome route 'Island hopping on the Wadden'. This trip combines the wonders of the Wadden Islands, the historic Frisian Elfsteden and the wide-open countryside of Groningen. Start your adventure on Texel, visit Holland's 'desert' on Vlieland and take a nostalgic tour of the Elfsteden. The route also offers options to explore Ameland, Schiermonnikoog and German Borkum, ending in the historic fortress town of Bourtange in Groningen. An ultimate mix of nature, culture and relaxation.

Motorhome Route Norway - High mountains and deep fjords

Described itinerary: 22 days

Explore southern Norway, full of stunning landscapes of high mountains, deep fjords and the vast Hardangervidda plateau. Enrich your campervan trip with cultural visits, such as the Maihaugen open-air museum in Lillehammer and the city of Oslo. Enjoy unique experiences like a cruise through the Geirangerfjord, all at your own pace.

Norwegian WestCoast and the Lofoten

Motorhome Route Norway - Norwegian West Coast and the Lofoten

Described route: 31 travel days

Discover Norway at your own pace with this breathtaking motorhome route, taking you to bove the Arctic Circle. From the charming southern city of Kristiansand to the enchanting Lofoten Islands in the north. Experience majestic fjords, white sandy beaches and the midnight sun. Be seduced by historic cities and cultural richness. A unique experience that will excite all your senses!

Motorhome Route Spain and Portugal - From Basque Country to Algarve

Motorhome Route Spain and Portugal - From Basque Country to Algarve

Described route: 30 travel days 

Many special historical cities, roads through mighty grain fields, routes along breathtaking cliffs and imposing mountains, the Portuguese life song and a dive into the Atlantic Ocean. These are the main ingredients of a round trip on the western part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Motorhome Route UK - Romantic South of England

Motorhome Route UK - Romantic South of England

Described route: 24 days

Discover the hidden treasures of southern England, steeped in rich culture and beautiful landscapes. Explore picturesque villages, rugged southern coasts, impressive castles and subtropical gardens. Experience Land's End, the westernmost point, and discover countless other attractions. The characteristic British back roads thread this route into a romantic whole.

Motorhome Route England and Wales - Typically British

Motorhome Route England and Wales - Typically British

Described route: 20 travel days 

The Motorhome route: "Typically British" will take you through central England and Wales. It is a very extensive journey in which you will see beautiful nature, characteristic and fascinating country houses, beautiful gardens and colorful villages. Some historic cities to visit on this trip: York, Chester, Oxford and Cambridge.

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