• FAQ transition to new platform

    • Over the last few years Campercontact has grown at a fast pace worldwide. Both the number of locations and the number of users has seen an enormous increase. All users have collectively added a great number of locations, photo’s, reviews and alterations.

      To be able to keep processing this and all future information and to translate these to information that helps you as a user find you next motorhome site, it was necessary to update our platform. In addition, we have ambitious plans for the future. Therefore we find it important that Campercontact is stable and quick and offers enough room for expansion.

    • If you already have the app you do not need to install a new app. You can simply keep the existing app on your phone/tablet.

      How does it work?
      If you have chosen for automatic updates in the settings of your device (iOS) or in the Play Store (Android), then this is completely taken care of.

      Have you not chosen for automatic updates? Visit the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to manually update the app. This works as follows:


      1. Open the App Store and click on 'Today' at the bottom.
      2. Click on your profile icon at the top of the screen
      3. Scroll down to see pending updates and release notes. Click 'Update' next to the Campercontact app to update the app.


      1. Go to the Play Store
      2. Press the menu item (the three horizontal dashes) in the upper left corner.
      3. Click on 'My apps and games

      Then you will see an overview of apps that can be updated and click on the 'Update' or 'updates' button besides the App Campercontact.

      It is not possible to keep using the older versions of the app. The new data is not updated in these versions.

    • No, you do not need to create a new account. Your account is included with your email address, so you can log in to the new app with your existing email address at startup. However, when using the new app for the first time, you request a new password via 'forgot password'. So you don't need your old password.  

    • SOLVED - if you still have troubles with this, please update the app via the Play store (Android) or App store (iOS) to the latest version.

      This occurs to some Android users and can be solved by closing and restarting the app completely.

      This video shows you how to close your active apps on an Android device. The button to show your active apps can be either left or right. This depends on your device.

    • When you start the new app, you will the get the option to register (in case it is your first time on Campercontact and you have no account) and to log in with the option to click on 'forgot password'. When using the new app for the first time, you can request a new password once via 'forgot password'. Then you fill in the e-mail address with which you are known to us. You will then receive an email with a link to change your password. Click on that link and set a new password. If you see that this has been successful, return to the app and log in with your email address and your newly chosen password.  Now you can get started, have fun!

      Need help? Watch the video 'how do I log in' here.

    • Solved in the update at the end of September.  Probably you have increased the font size in your device's settings, causing buttons to disappear in the app. This has been solved in the last update.

    • Yes, you will still have the full version of the app. From now on, this version is called the PRO-version. You will also have a PRO-account. View all the differences compared to the free app below (FREE-version with a FREE-account).

    • As a PRO-user you can still use the app online. You save the desired information offline through Menu > Settings > Offline locations. Do the same if you have ever done so in earlier versions of the app. Unfortunately, this information has not been transferred to the new version.

      To save space on your device you only download the offline maps of the countries you travel through and where you stay.

      We explain how it works in this video.

    • That's right. This is what we're working on. This will be possible soon.

      If you would like to discard this data from your device now, you can uninstall and reinstall the app in its entirety. Please note: at that point you will also delete the data from any other downloaded country.  

    • Manually updating the database is a thing of the past. In the new version of our app you always receive the most up-to-date information. However, you do need an internet connection for this. Do you not want to connect to the internet? You can also use the option to save locations offline (see previous question). In this case you won’t have to use data on the go.

    • Yes, that information will be retained and still exists in our database. Reviews, photos and the changes made can only be seen at the motorhome site in question. We intend to show these contributions again in your profile in the future.

    • Users with a PRO-account can find their favorite motorhome sites in the app through Menu > My favourites. In addition, since the update of the end of September you have the possibility to see your favourites on the map via:

      •  a button 'view on map' at the bottom of the menu item 'my favourites'.
      •  via the filter: 'my favourites’
      •  via the quick filter: 'my favourites’
    • That could be correct. Some non-primary functions have been redeveloped, but are not ready for launching yet. When these features will return depends on, amongst others, our priorities and our budget. We hope that the remaining features of het app are satisfactory!

    • The status you have built up by sharing your experiences with other motorhome owners (in the form of reviews or adding locations) will be maintained. We have saved this information, but you won't see it in our new app yet. We will do our best to get this back in the app, but this is not our top priority at the moment. 

    • This is common among Android users and can be solved by closing and restarting the app completely.

      This video shows you how to close your active apps on an Android device. The button to show your active apps can be either left or right. This depends on your device.

    • For now, we have decided to delay launching this feature because other features have a higher priority.

    • FAQ installing the app

    • The app is only developed for devices using an Android or iOS (Apple) operating system. This includes more than 90% of the smartphones and tablets.

      The app is supported on Android devices with operating system 4.1 and higher, and IOS 10.0 and higher. For the most optimal experience use the latest version of the app and use the latest operating system on your device.

      In addition, you can of course always use our website www.campercontact.com.

    • Have you not installed the Campercontact app onto your phone or tablet yet? Download it through Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS). Please find an elaborate explanation for both operating systems below.

      Create a Google-account
      Downloading apps on an Android device is done through the Google Play Store. To be able to do so you need a Google-account. Have you never downloaded an app before and you don’t have a Google-account either? Then you have to create and account first. Do you already have an account? Scroll down to ‘Downloading the Campercontact app…’.

      Creating an account works like this:

      1. Open the main menu Settings on the device.
      2. Go to ‘users & accounts’ and tap ‘Add account’.
      3. Select ‘Google’.
      4. Choose ‘Existing’ (if you want to add an existing account) or ‘New’ (if you want to create a new account).
      5. Follow the instruction to add the new account.

      Download the Campercontact app on my Android device
      Select the Play Store icon to open the Play Store.
      Next, tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner to search within the Play Store.
      Type ‘Campercontact’ (without quotation marks) and search.
      The Campercontact App will appear. Select it.

      Then select the ‘Install’-button. Note: this is cheaper if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. As soon as the app has been installed, a button saying ‘Open’ will appear and you will reach the login screen of the Campercontact app.

      Create an Apple ID
      Go to the App Store. Have you never downloaded an app before? Then you probably don’t have an Apple ID either. You need this account to download apps. Create an Apple ID first. If you already have an Apple ID then you can log onto the App Store with your (new) Apple ID and download the Campercontact app.

      Downloading the Campercontact app on my iPhone
      Select the search button at the bottom of the screen and type ‘Campercontact’ (without quotation marks). The Campercontact icon will appear . Tap the button ‘Download’ and select ‘Install’ next. The Campercontact app will now start installing. Note: this is cheaper if are connected to a  Wi-Fi network.

      As soon as the app has finished installing an ‘Open’ button will appear and you will reach the login screen of het Campercontact app.

    • FAQ about the account

    • To be able to use the app you need to register when first using the app. You will be led through the registration process automatically using a short form.

      Note: You only need to make an account on the app once. If you switch devices, you can easily log in with the same email address and password. You cannot make a new account with an email address that has already been paired to an account.

    • Do you have a tablet or a second phone besides a mobile phone? Or does your partner also want to use the app on his/her device? That is possible! You can log in with the same account on several devices at the same time. On these devices, log in with the same login details. You do not need to create a new password again.

    • You can find the email address you used to register with us under ‘Contact details’ through Menu > My Profile.

      Not logged in yet and don't remember which email address you used to create an account with? Then first click on the login button and then on 'forgot password' and test in the follow-up screen with your different email addresses if you receive a 'forgot password email' from us. If you are registered with us with the email address you entered, you will receive an email with which you can request a new password. After creating this password, you can log in with this e-mail address and the newly created password.

    • In the purchase history of the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) you will find your proof of purchase with the date of purchase. Add 12 months and you'll know the end date.*

      *If your PRO version was still valid on 7 September 2020 (the day of the launch of our new app), we have extended your PRO version by 2 extra months. This is to introduce as many motorhomers as possible to the advantages of Campercontact PRO. And to let everyone get used to this new version.

    • Campercontact is a platform for and by motorhome owners. All the information comes from the motorhome owners themselves. To be able to save information to your personal favorites or to share experiences with others you need an account. In addition, it enhances the reliability of the information on our platform. Having to create an account prevents just anyone from adding information.

    • Forgot your passport? No problem, it happens to the best of us! Click the link ‘Forgot password’ underneath the password box. After filling in your email address you will receive an email which will give you a link to create a new password.

      Are you unable to find our email? Try your spam box. If you add noreply@campercontact.com to your contacts as a safe sender, our emails won’t be sent to your spam in the future.

    • Yes, the full version of the app is called the PRO-version and your account is a PRO-account.

    • You can change your email address via 'My Profile' in the main menu of the app.Click on the menu at the top right of your screen, then on 'My Profile' and then on 'Edit Profile'.You can change your e-mail address here by clicking on the pencil next to the e-mail address field.

    • In the app you can change your email address, username and profile picture. To do so, go ‘My Profile’ through the menu at the top right corner of the screen and tap ‘Edit Profile’.

    • With large updates you will automatically receive a notification in the app that there is an update available. This way you’ll never miss out on important improvements. If you do not want to update manually you can visit Google Play or the App Store and give permission that you want your app to update automatically.

    • The app will then automatically turn into the FREE version of the app. A number of features will not work anymore, such as saving sites to your favorites and using the app offline. To start using the PRO-version, visit ‘My Profile > Campercontact PRO’ and repurchase the app for another year for only € 5,99.

    • FAQ usage

    • We explain that in this video.

    • Using het free version of Campercontact you can view all of the motorhome sites, but you enjoy less features than someone with a PRO-account. In addition you will see ads, contrary to people that use the PRO-version of the app.

      For only €5,99 a year you will enjoy

      ·         An app without ads

      ·         Saving your favorite motorhome sites

      ·         The ability to use the app without an internet connection

      ·         Extra filter possibilities

      You can purchase the PRO-version of the app through the app itself: ‘Menu > My profile > Campercontact PRO’. Or in the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

    • On campercontact.com you will find all the motorhome sites with basic information to sketch a basic image. Through the website you are (for the time being) unable to log in with your account, but you can do so in the app. There you will also have the possibility save your favorite motorhome sites (as PRO-user), for example, or to share a review. In addition, you will see ads on the website and in the FREE-version of the app, but you won’t if you have purchased the PRO-version of the app.

    • Yes, that is correct. To completely optimize Campercontact, you can use the app. After you log in there you can, amongst other things, save your favourite motorhome sites (as PRO-user) or share experiences with other motorhome owners.

    • Our app has to be able to determine your location to display motorhome locations near you. You can turn on your location data (GPS-data), for example, in the app through the menu item ‘Settings’. Or through the settings of your smartphone or tablet; select ‘Apps’.

    • You can set the app in your preferred language using the country flag in the menu. There are six standard languages to choose from. Click on the white menu button at the top right of your screen, at the bottom of this menu you will find a country flag. Click this to change it to one of the other five possible languages.

    • The app determines your location through GPS. The location services of your phone or tablet must be switched on to determine your location. You can turn this on, for example, in the app through the menu item ‘Settings’. In addition, check if the Campercontact app has permission to gain access to this information. To do this, go your device’s settings, search for the Campercontact app through ‘Apps’ and grant the app access to your location.

    • This, sadly, is not possible yet. This feature will return eventually, but we are unable to say when.

    • We have chosen not to incorporate these routes into the first version of the app straight away. They will return, but in what form and when has not been determined yet.

    • If you have Campercontact version 6.0.2 or higher, you can choose from the following navigation apps (if you have them installed on your device):

      • Android: Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom Go Navigation, Waze, Sygic, Maps.ME, OsmAnd
      • iOS: Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom Go Navigation, Waze. OsmAnd
    • It is possible, but we do not continue to developing this feature. This means that the data will not be update anymore. It could therefore be that information in the navigation system is incorrect after a certain amount of time. Here you can find .ov2 and an .csv files with all the site data that could be found on Campercontact on the 28th of August 2020. All the information that has been provided or changed after this date will not be processed or provided anymore.

    • The files that we offer are available for TomTom and Garmin navigation systems. By using a converter programme you are able to convert these POI-files to other file formats. However, we cannot offer any support for this.

      Please note: No new updates will be executed. The files contain information from 28th of August 2020. All the information that has been changed after this date will not be processed.

    • Would you like to make sure, as the hundred thousands other motorhome owners and location managers, that Campercontact remains up-to-date? Try adding a new site, some new photos of a site or share a review. If you think you have found incorrect information, you can request to change it. To do so, click the orange plus button in the app. If you want to add a location, click on the orange plus button in the overview. If you want to add a photo or review to a location or make a change, open that specific location and click on the orange plus button.

      Our moderaters will look at your contribution and publish it on Campercontact. If all the information is correct of course. We receive all of this information and aim to process it within two weeks.

      We explain how to add a review in this video.

    • Yes, you can use the Campercontact app offline but only if you are a PRO-user. To receive all the site information in the offline mode, you download these once through ‘Menu > Settings > Offline Sites’.

      To save space on your device you only download the offline maps of the countries you travel through and where you stay.

      We explain how it works in this video.

    • Go to the main menu at the top right of the app. Klick on favourites. Open the location you want to delete as a favourite. And click on the green heart to delete the location as a favourite.

    • It can happen that our automatically generated emails are considered spam which causes emails about creating an account or resetting a password to end up somewhere else than in your inbox. The email will then end up in your unwanted emails or spam box or is declined by your provider.

      To prevent this issue in the future, you can add noreply@campercontact.com to your contacts as a safe sender.

    • Not yet. You can now download the app to the internal memory of your device. The current app itself takes up much less memory than the old app, but the offline country cards require a lot of memory. For this reason we would like to offer in the future the option to store the app and/or the offline cards on the external memory of an SD card.

    • FAQ Other questions

    • There are three types of motorhome sites on Campercontact:

      • Motorhome stopovers: overnight locations for motorhomes.
      • Campsites: pitches on campsites.
      • Service areas: places where motorhome owners can dispose of waste water and chemical toilets and refill clean water. Staying overnight is prohibited here.
    • Location managers can add discounts for Campercontact PRO-users through a benefits programme. The discount is therefore decided by them and not by Campercontact. This discount will be shown on the location page of the specific motorhome site. If the admin asks, you can show that you have the right to receive their discount through ‘My Profile > Campercontact PRO’.

    • On motorhome locations where camping behaviour is prohibited you are, for example, not allowed to put up an awning. Putting out chairs and tables or hanging laundry is also forbidden. In general you can assume that all recreation outside the motorhome is not allowed then.

    • If you have a question that is not answered in our FAQ section you can contact us through the contact form below. We will do our best to answer all of your questions as quickly as possible.

    • FAQ Motorhome site managers

    • No, you do not. We have transferred all the information from the old app. Of course it would not hurt to check the information and possible supplement it through your manager account so that potential visitors have up-to-date information.  

    • Visit the location page on Campercontact and view which email address is under ‘Contact details’. Is this an incorrect email address? Please report this through your manager account.

    • You change the information of your location page on Campercontact through your manager account. Log in through https://poi.campercontact.com/. You will then see all the location pages you manage. There are features that you cannot change yourself. To change these, you will need to submit a request through the orange plus button on your location page in the app. This is impossible to do on the website. All these changes are processed by our moderators. We aim to process all changes within two weeks.

      You can find more information on the Manager account page.

    • You can do this through your manager account. Log in through https://poi.campercontact.com/. After you log in, scroll to ‘Prices and periods’. There you enter a price based on one overnight stay for 1 motorhome and 2 visitors. Then you can add any potential tourist taxes for a single person. The system will automatically calculate the total price. Besides information on prices you fill out your opening hours that are connected to your prices. Do you have several opening hours? Select ‘add Price + periodes’ and fill in the correct information.

      You can find more information on the Manager account page.

    • Are you unable to change any information? Check of you are logged in with the email address that is linked to the contact details of your site. The managerial rights of your motorhome site are linked to this email address. Is the email address incorrect and would you like to change it? Please send us an email.

      Would you like to submit a change in the photos displayed, a review or a motorhome site’s description? Please submit a request through the form. You can view this form through the app by visiting your site’s page and selecting the orange plus button. It is impossible to do so on the website. All these changes are processed by our moderators.

    • It is impossible to delete a photo without a valid reason. When you submit a deletion request you can indicate which photo you would like to be deleted and on which grounds. You can submit this change by visiting your site page in the app and selecting the orange plus button. It is not possible on the website. We will process your request within two weeks.

    • You will receive an automatic email about this.

    • Log in to your Manager account at https://poi.campercontact.com/ and visit ‘Reviews’. You can now publish a reply to the relevant review.

      More information on the Manager account page.

    • Reviews cannot be deleted without a proper reason. Please send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will process your request as quickly as possible. Please be clear in your message as to which site the review was written for.

      Our response policy offers more clarity about what kind of reviews will be accepted.

    • It is not possible to publish paid advertisements on Campercontact. It is, however, possible to participate in our Campercontact PRO-benefits program. Using this feature, you can offer discounts to Campercontact PRO-users (read the next question and answer to know how). Doing so will highlight your location page on our platform, ensuring you stand out more in our app. This feature is free for the time being.

    • As a motorhome site manager you can participate in our Campercontact PRO-benefits program, which is free for the time being. Using this feature you can offer discounts to Campercontact PRO-users. Your site will be highlighted, ensuring you stand out more in our app. This is how it works:

      1. On your managerial account page scroll to ‘Prices and times’.
      2. Tag the box ‘Discount possible’ for the period you want to offer the discount to.
      3. Two boxes will appear. In the first box you will fill in a number without indicating currency or percentage. For example ‘15’.
      4. In the second box you can select whether this number is an amount or a percentage. If you pick percentage, for example, then in this case you offer a 15 percent discount on your standard price during this period.
      5. The system will calculate what the total price is after applying the discount for Campercontact PRO-users.
      6. Select ‘Save changes’.
      7. Campercontact PRO-users will be happy to receive your discount!

Is your question not listed?

Contact us. We will help you as soon as possible.