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Length: 397 km
Start: Dendermonde
End: Antwerpen
Countries: Belgium
Specials: Culinary, Culture, History, Cities
Cities in Flanders are characterized by historic facades, impressive churches and beautiful squares. Experience how fun Dendermonde, Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp and pick roam the camper for this round.
Length: 614 km
Start: Tui
End: Sintra
Countries: Spain, Portugal
Specials: Culture, History, Coast, Cities, Unesco
A special purpose we draw in a week from north to south through Portugal visit wonders such as the Portuguese, they have chosen in 2007, in parallel with the election of seven new wonders of the world in that year. They are almost all on the Unesco World Heritage List.
Length: 1816 km
Start: Domrémy-la-Pucelle
End: Saint-Bonnet-le-Ch�teau
Countries: France
Specials: Culture, History, Cities, Unesco
This route passes through 30 villages Michelin Guide "The most beautiful villages in France". All the villages are listed under 'Points of Interest' and as the village boasts a motorhome, the site code is listed. The distance from Utrecht to the first village, Domremy-la-Pucelle is 545 km, via Luxembourg, Metz and Nancy. The distance from Utrecht to the last village, Saint-Bonnet-le-Château, is about 1000 km, without tolls. On the way back we made an overnight stop in Laon (motorhome 25008), also worth a visit.
Length: 1982 km
Start: La Petite Pierre
End: St. Gervais les Bains
Countries: France, Italy
Specials: Mountains, Culture, History, Nature, Cities, Unesco
The journey through the Alps via interconnected touring the Green Guides Michelin "French Alps Northern" and "Southern French Alps". Here are 14 villages Michelin Guide "The Most Beautiful Villages of France" set (4 in Alsace and 10 in the French Alps). For beautiful hiking route was used ANWB Active Guide "Alps". Through the col de montgenèvre (road N94), a trip to a beautiful three towns are made in Piedmont (Italy); it is also possible via the col de l'échelle (road D1T). the route through the French Alps continues over the Col du Mont Cenis (road D1006). Through the Little St. Bernard Pass (road D1090) can still be done to the beautiful Valle d'Aosta (Italy). Through the Mont Blanc tunnel, we return in the French Alps again. The summary of the places of interest and all camperplace mentioned where we pass. The distance from Utrecht to the starting point is 516 km; the distance from the end point to Utrecht is 900 km (toll-free). NOTE: The D1091 away from Le Bourg d'Oisans is closed through La Grave to Briançon for unstable tunnel near the Lac du Chambon (in October 2016). The alternative route around the lake is forbidden for campers. That means detour via the D526, N85 (Route Napoléon) and N94. La Grave is accessible from Briançon via the Col du Lautaret.
Length: 2160 km
Start: Cassel
End: Saint-Amand-sur-Fion
Countries: France
Specials: Culture, History, Cities, Unesco
The route passes 25 villages Michelin Guide "the most beautiful villages in France" (Lannoo). Most villages have a motorhome. La Roche-Guyon has no motorhome. Giverny, which is 9 km away, does have a motorhome where the house and garden of Claude Monet are worth a visit there. Vitre has no camper place, 21 km away La Guerche-de-Bretagne is. Montsoreau and the adjacent Candes-Saint-Martin have no motorhome, but the 6 km away Fontevraud, where the abbey is well worth a visit.
Length: 802 km
Start: Eksjö
End: Nusnäs
Countries: Sweden
Specials: Active, Culture, Events, History, Nature, Cities, View, Unesco, Other
The route continues through the provinces of Östergötland, Närke and Västmanland to Dalarna with their specific characteristics such as the Polkagris, midsummerfest and Dalarna horses.
Length: 451 km
Start: Trelleborg
End: Eksjö
Countries: Sweden
Specials: Active, Culture, History, Coast, Nature, Cities, View, Unesco, Other
Sweden, the country of space, beautiful nature, red houses and a welcoming population is very friendly motorhome. The crossing by ferry Rostock-Trelleborg is a good alternative to the Oresund Bridge. The length of the entire route (3 parts) is 2356 km.
Length: 222 km
Start: Fonsomme
End: Cayeux-sur-Mer
Countries: France
Specials: Active, Culture, History, Coast, Nature, Cities, View, Unesco, Other
This route follows the course of the River Somme department in Picardy in the north-west France. It is possible to follow all kinds of D roads close proximity along the river. Occasionally the route is slightly different to visit a pleasant town or other landmark. Photo 1: the source - photo 2 La Somme in Abbevile - photo 3: The bay
Length: 168 km
Start: Darfeld
End: Zwolle
Countries: Germany, Netherlands
Specials: Active, Culture, Nature, Cities
Schippers once had seven days to sail with their flat bottoms with sandstone from Germany's Nordhorn to Zwolle. We take it easy, too. With the camper and the bike we follow the winding Vechte, from its source in Darfeld, to the Black Water in Zwolle. Read the whole story on the route in Campers 7-2015.
Length: 3477 km
Start: Assendelft
End: Assendelft
Countries: Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria
Specials: Mountains, History, Cities, View, Unesco, Wine
Because we have won the KCK camper Challenge 2014 we may one week with a motorhome on the road. Little short so we have to arrange an extra week. Inexperienced we go out. We want to see far too much because we want to take out what is in it. Mountains, passes, Tuscany, Pisa, San Gimigano, Siena, Chianti Road, Lake Garda, reminisce in Austria, visiting relatives in Germany