Motorhome route Netherlands - Eleven cities Tour by Motorhome

  • Described route: 12 days
  • Total length: 233 kilometres
  • Tips: 102 highlights

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Drive the Tour of all tours with your motorhome

Delve into the history and natural beauty of Friesland with our Eleven Cities Tour by Motorhome! Inspired by the legendary Eleven Cities Tour on skates, this motorhome route offers a unique opportunity to explore the historic cities and breathtaking landscape. The route follows the original route as much as possible, but by motorhome.

From the cultural heritage of Leeuwarden to the canals of Dokkum, each of the eleven Frisian towns promises a new discovery. Follow the scenic roads past wide green fields, rippling waters and picturesque villages and towns.

That Friesland and water belong together can be seen everywhere.

Get into the mood at the small bridge of Bartlehiem.

You will find picturesque spots everywhere, like in Hindeloopen.

You will follow the original route of the legendary Eleven Cities Tour, but you will get to know Friesland in its full scope through more than 100 sightseeing tips: historical, cultural and culinary highlights that engage all your senses to discover why the Frisians are so proud of their province.

Start the route where you want

The original Eleven Cities Tour starts in Leeuwarden, follows the route clockwise and ends again in Leeuwarden, on the Bonkevaart. You can start this Eleven Cities Tour by Motorhome in any of the eleven cities. And you decide the pace yourself: you can follow this Motorhome Route meticulously, but you can also combine several days or stay somewhere longer. It is entirely up to you.

Collecting stamps

Collect stamps in each city along the way, a nod to the traditional Eleven Cities Tour. Fill your stamp card and win nice prizes!

The route follows the original route of the Eleven Cities Tour as much as possible

Marvel at the Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker.

You will find a fountain in all eleven cities, like here at the Waterpoort in Sneek.

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Expand your trip?

You can perfectly combine this route with the Motorhome Route Island hopping on the Wadden.

With these two, you will experience all the highlights of Friesland and the Wadden area!