Motorhome Route Belgium - Natural beauty and history in the Ardennes

Waterfalls of Coo
  • Described route: 5 days
  • Total length: 295 kilometres
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This route is perfect for those who want to combine a few days of nature with history and gastronomy. The Ardennes is a forested low mountain range whose core is located in an area between Liège and the Dutch border to the north, the German border to the east, the north side of the province of Luxembourg to the south and the course of the Meuse to the west.

In this route you will find:

  • unprecedented natural beauty
  • no fewer than 41 attractions for young or old (make a choice or extend your trip)
  • dozens of beautiful hiking and cycling routes

By the way, the route of the cycling classic Liège-Bastogne-Liège largely runs along this Motorhome Route. For lovers of war history: the Battle of the Bulge that took place in December 1944 in the region between Malmedy and Bastogne is kept alive here by numerous war memorials and war museums. Add to this the rich gastronomic culture and you have the recipe for a successful holiday.

This road trip starts and ends in beautiful Spa and drives along the most beautiful things the Belgian Ardennes have to offer.

Our route suggestions + your personal preferences= an unforgettable motorhome trip!

Choose the sights that appeal to you most, speed up or slow down your travel days and choose the perfect motorhome stopover with the filters in the app. Have a good trip!

"Beautiful route and few kilometres per day, so lots of time for sightseeing!"



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