Further development and improvement

The first months after the launch of our new platform will be dedicated to improving and adding new functionalities in order to continue to improve ease of use.

Last and upcoming changes

In the update we offer since 16-9-2020, the following issues have been resolved, added and/or improved:

  • Solved: in some cases the correct language was not shown.
  • Solved: some users experienced problems with the internet connection. The app mistakenly thought you were offline.
  • Solved: the German flag was not displayed correctly in the menu where you choose a language. Now it is.
  • Modified: the GPS coordinates are now displayed in decimal degrees notation.
  • Added to the location information: max. number of places.
  • Added to the location information: max. motorhome length.
  • Added to the location information: maximum stay.
  • New: it is possible to copy the GPS coordinates and the address.

We will keep listening to your feedback and continue to improve and develop the app.

We will then continue to work on the following matters:

  • The possibility to see your favourites on the map
  • View full address
  • Choice in navigation apps

Old and new platform

Curious about the differences with our old platform? We listed them for you.

You will find more information about the points 10 to 12 In the FAQ.

FREE-version versus PRO-version of the new app

Qurious about the differences between the free version and the paid version of our app? You can find them on this page.

Download or update the app

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