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Be an active part of the community by sharing your experiences. Post photos, reviews and submit changes where necessary. Or add a new location! By doing so you can help others plan their next motorhome trip. Your fellow motorhome owners will be delighted with you!


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Your reviews play a crucial role on our platform and help other motorhomers discover great sites. And now you also have a chance to win great prizes! Every month, we choose the best new review about a motorhome site on our platform. The winner of the 'review of the month' will receive a fantastic Starter Pack from E-Trailer worth €349.95. This package includes a battery voltage meter, a digital spirit level and can also be easily supplemented with other app modules.

Ready to win? Start sharing your reviews on Campercontact!

About E-Trailer

E-Trailer stands for travelling safely and comfortably with your caravan or motorhome. To this end, the company has developed the E-Trailer app. The Starter Pack provides you with a battery voltage meter (E-Volt) and a digital spirit level (E-Level). With the E-Volt module, see on your smartphone how much voltage your caravan or motorhome battery provides. In the E-Volt module, any battery type can be selected: lead-acid battery, AGM or lithium battery. With the E-Level module, you can see live on your smartphone whether you are parked level. Also when driving up wedges or using level blocks, you can see live on your smartphone when the motorhome or caravan is level.

Within the E-Trailer app, you will find many more modules to help you travel safely and comfortably. Are you curious what other functionalities they have? Then check out the E-Trailer website.

Register a motorhome site on Campercontact

Discovered a new motorhome spot that you don't want to withhold from others? You can add the location to Campercontact in no time at all.

In the app you can add content by means of the orange plus sign. To add a motorhome site, click on the plus sign in the list overview. From there, follow the steps on your screen. Fill in as much information as as you can to give as clear a picture as possible of the location.

The website works a little differently. There you can add a location via 'account' (top right of your screen) and then 'add new location'. Make sure you are logged in.

If all the information is correct, our moderators will review and check your contribution and, if approved, post it on Campercontact within two weeks.

Are you manager or site owner for a location that is not yet on Campercontact or do you not yet have access to your administrator environment? Then visit this page.

Post a review on Campercontact

Share your experience about a location and help other motorhome owners make the right choice.

To add a review about a motorhome stopover, campsite or service location, search for the motorhome site via the Campercontact app or website. Open the location and click on the orange plus sign in the overview tab. Choose 'add review' and rate the location using stars and a description.

What to write in a review?
In a review you share your experience and opinion about the location you visited. About quality, safety and hygiene, or the managers of the location, for example. Or that there are fun and interesting things to do in the area. Keep in mind that the review should not conflict with our response policy. 

If you have come across information on Campercontact that no longer seems to be correct, submit a change. This information immediately ends up in the right place and can be adjusted as quickly as possible. Example: a message that a location no longer exists or that the price is incorrect does not belong in a review. For the fastest processing, submit a change.

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Add a photo for a motorhome site

A picture paints a thousand words. Photos are therefore a crucial part of the site information on Campercontact. Fortunately, every motorhomer is also secretly a photographer! So what are you waiting for? Leave nothing to the imagination and add a photo.

Add photo to Campercontact

Adding a photo is very easy. Open the location via the app or website and click on the orange plus sign in the overview tab. Select 'add photo', choose a photo related to the location and upload the photo. It’s child’s play, really!

Are you unsure whether your photo is suitable for display on Campercontact? Read our response policy. 

Together we keep everything up to date

Is the information on our platform still correct? We’re lucky to have you, because who better to judge whether the information is correct than someone who has recently visited the site? If you see something that is not right, please let us know via a change request.

Site managers and owners who don't yet have access to their site administration environment visit this page. 

How to submit a change request? For changes, big or small, you have to go to the orange plus again. You can submit corrections regarding opening hours, prices, amenities, contact information or terrain/environmental characteristics using this button. Have you found a change that doesn't belong in one of those categories, such as a review or photo that is not correct? Submit it via the category: other changes. Together we can keep the information up-to-date.

Your change request will reach our moderators and will be processed within two weeks. If approved, they will implement the change on the platform within this period.

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The information on our platform is kept as current and reliable as possible. Among other things, through the contributions of our users, site admins and the supervision done by our moderators. However, no rights can be derived from the information on the platform. Campercontact accepts no responsibility or liability for any consequences of imperfections and incorrect information on our platform.

If you come across something that is not right, please let us know.