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Response policy

On Campercontact.com there are approximately 50,000 motorhome sites, spread over 58 countries. We value the opinion of the motorhome enthusiast, therefore we invite you to react. These reactions can help other motorhomers in their choice of, for example, a motorhome site. In doing so, we use a few guidelines.

Transparency leads to quality improvement

All reactions are welcome. It does not matter whether the message is positive or negative. Transparency is central. That is what Campercontact is all about: the core purpose has always been about making valuable motorhome travel information accessible to all. Positive reactions strengthen authority and negative reactions stimulate quality improvement. Good for the locations and the Campercontact user.

Campercontact is an independent distributor of responses from motorhome owners and location managers. The ratings shown are only from them. Campercontact does not post any comments.

Responses from managers or owners

Managers of motorhome locations can respond to reviews and work with the camper owner to create an even better motorhome climate. It is good to realise that these reactions are also visible to everyone. Responding to a comment from a manager or owner? That is possible, but send him/her an e-mail, so we don't get long conversations on a detail page.

Constructive by decency

Motorhoming is fun and positive and we like to see that online. This means that we strive for a constructive atmosphere. In summary, it means: deal with the other person in the way you would like to be treated yourself. You could ask yourself the following questions before reacting:

  • Would I dare to say this in the other person's face?
  • What would my partner/child/employer say if he or she read this?
  • Will I regret this reaction tomorrow?


Below you will find some concrete guidelines for responding to and assessing information. These are there to keep the published information relevant and family friendly.

  • Comments and media that contain hate and inflammatory statements, discriminatory and offensive remarks, threats, (sexually) explicit language, violence and the promotion of illegal activities are not permitted.
  • Media must relate to the locations. For example, you can upload photos that give an overview of the location or that have been taken from the location. People should not be recognizable in these pictures. The image must be of good quality (not too dark, too light or out of focus).
  • Do not post texts or media that are subject to copyright. Respect privacy. Of yourself and others. Do not include personal data (e.g. addresses, telephone numbers, social media accounts or e-mail addresses) in messages.
  • We will only delete photos if one of the above criteria is not met or if information on the photo is incorrect or no longer up to date. We do this reactively based on signals from users and managers.
  • Responses should be from real users. For example, the e-mail address used for an account must be active and accessible. The users must have actually been there.
  • The response options are not intended for commercial messages.
  • Do not place links to camper related companies, except in an advertisement.
  • Administrators/owners of motorhome related companies are not allowed to write their own reviews (e.g. by using aliases), reward users for positive reviews or disadvantage competitors with bad reviews.

If we believe that an expression conflicts with our response policy, we reserve the right to remove it or post it in a modified form without notice.

In extreme situations it is also possible that we deprive a manager of his/her manager rights. Prior to this, of course, an attempt will be made on our part to resolve this in a constructive manner.