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The best motorhome adventures start with reliable and accessible information. This is what you get with the Campercontact app and website. With more than 50.000 motorhome sites in 58 countries, you will always find a motorhome stopover, campsite or service area that suits you, just like a million other motorhome enthusiasts. This wealth of travel information has been collected by fellow motorhome owners.

Together we ensure up-to-date and reliable information
Motorhome owners, site managers and motorhome company owners also actively contribute to the community by sharing your experiences. Post photos, reviews, new sites or suggest changes. This keeps the information up-to-date and fresh. Even for the most experienced motorhome owner.

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The best motorhome adventures start with reliable and accessible information.

Campercontact has a mission. We believe the best motorhome adventures start with reliable and accessible information. So we set ourselves apart by being the most reliable motorhome platform. We are at a turning point in history. The way we search, contact, make bookings and travel is changing. Motorhome travel is changing too! It’s a fast-growing market and the balance between work, home life and travel is shifting.

We offer motorhome travellers the chance to be part of THE motorhome community. And we give companies the opportunity to list their locations on our platform. We are on a quest to discover what is best for the community and to build a world-class platform that supports worry-free adventures.

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Our story

We love to travel. We love our motorhomes. We love the motorhome lifestyle. It's about freedom. Autonomy. Feeling at home, wherever you are. Laid-back, carefree, in the moment. A motorhome gives you the ability to make split second travel decisions. To pack up and drive towards new discoveries.

And we love to share these discoveries and stories with ‘like-minded’ people. It’s something we have always done. Online, and in real life. That’s where it all started. One man, his camper, and his drive to share his experiences with other travellers. Since 2003, we collect relevant location information for motorhome owners: from a book to a DVD to a leading digital platform. The core purpose of Campercontact has always been about making valuable motorhome travel information accessible to all.

Carefree travelling starts with great preparation. And having reliable information at your fingertips creates truly worry free and unforgettable journeys. That's what every motorhome traveller deserves.