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Latest reviews

SitecodeLocation nameDate MarkReview
27649 Camperplaats Helenawerf18-3-2018 8
good motorhome, friendly owner, we were here 17/3 / '18, because of the cold were the facilities on the motorhome closed, but next to the store there was the possibility to shower. town and outlet shopping at walking distance. 👍🏼
29476 Maastricht Marina18-3-2018 3
Hans and Astrid. We were here on our way back from the south of Ii6 / 17/3 - 17/18/3 with nine other campers. Water closed, toilet could empty, do not rinse. Sanitary block close. For ten campers a toilet and a shower with rickety faucet on small washbasin. Price 18.50 euros. Conclusion: close from 1 November to 1 April or reduce your tariff drastically.
62600 Camping Bellevue18-3-2018 7
fine places to stay overnight. good sanitary. wifi, well what do you have to say about that, you have to pay for it. it is a campsite with many permanent residents who simply go to work during the day. stood here in October 2017.

Latest added motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCountry / Region / CitySubcategory
63853 Parking Place Jean Theillaud France / Limousin [19-23-87] / Fromental At mix-parking
63829 Bagwell Farm Touring Park United Kingdom / South West England / Chickerell
63820 Pub The Spotted Cow United Kingdom / East of England / Hunston Near restaurant

Latest amended motorhome stops

SitecodeLocation nameCountry / Region / CitySubcategory
25291 Motorhome Friends Portugal / Algarve [80 > 89] / Centieira At private home or company
22444 Nolleke's Winning Belgium / Limburg [B] / Limbourg [B] / Schalkhoven At private home or company
63245 Bassou Auberge Camping Marocco / Marokko / Nkoub

Recently added routes

RoutecodeName of routeLengthDescriptionCountry(ies)
RT32976 The Most Beautiful Villages of France (4) 1469 km
This route runs along 21 villages, listed on the list of "The most beautiful villages of France" and described in the same-name Michelin Guide (Lannoo). Eight villages have a camper. On the way, more camper pitches are included in the route. The distance from Utrecht to the first village (Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique) is approximately 380 km, from the last village (Montréal) to Utrecht about 670 km (without toll roads). The route itself is about 1500 km long.
RT23278 Eiffel Tour 450 km
This route through the Eifel use the ANWB Extra guidebook Eifel and, who "Towns and villages" gives more information about the places to visit. We follow in part Deutsche Vulkanstraße, Moselle and Moselschieferstrasse. In most places indicated the site code of the motorhome. The distance from Utrecht to the starting point is approximately 240 km, from the endpoint to Utrecht approx 310km.
RT22946 Flower Bulb Route 108 km
With the RV visiting bulb and tuber growers in Holland Above Amsterdam