Brighten up the interior of your motorhome with plants

04 May 2021Carlijn Assink & Shirley Nijhof

Brighten up the interior of your motorhome with plants

Here are some tips to fasten them

Plants are a well-loved aspect of interior design. They give great ambience, provide greenery in the house and some specimens also have an air-purifying effect. Yet, as far as we are concerned, you still see them too little in the interior of motorhomes. Time to change that!

And how do you make sure that your motorhome isn’t full of soil after going around a roundabout? Campercontact is here to help.

Source photo on the right: Carlijn Assink

Place the plants in an existing container or rack

Let's start simple: the easiest way to add plants to your motorhome’s interior is to place plants in an existing rack or container. For example, you could place some pots with herbs in the spice rack in the kitchen of your motorhome. Or, as shown on the picture above, in the cup holder on the dashboard.

Attach a storage bag to a door

Another very nice (if we may say so ourselves) way to 'green up' the interior of your motorhome is to purchase and fill a storage bag, one with several compartments. Attach the storage unit to a door in your motorhome at both the top and bottom, so that it doesn’t wobble too much and the groundwork for your vertical motorhome garden has been laid.

Do not overfill the compartments with soil. This reduces the chance of soil falling out during a "bumpy ride". In addition, the unit will quickly become heavy if you fill all sixteen, or even twenty-four, compartments.

  • In this video Sue Moore gives more information about her vertical motorhome garden

Make a wall shelf with holes or attach a basket

Are you, or is your partner, very handy and do you still have an empty corner or wall in your camper? Then make a plant rack out of wood, like in the photo at the top of the article. Here is a short step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Measure the height and width of the space where you want your plant rack to be
  2. Determine how many boards can hang and how many pots you want to place and what the maximum measurements should be
  3. Buy the relevant wood, pots and shelf supports
  4. Measure the diameter of the pots
  5. Cut a few circles in the centre of the boards with a jigsaw machine. Make these circles slightly smaller than the measured diameter
  6. Finally, attach the shelves to the walls using the shelf supports

Now, the boards should be firmly attached and the pots should be secured in the holes of the boards.

Source: Carlijn Assink

An easier option is to attach purchased (steel wire) baskets to wooden boards. Put some plants in it, secure them where necessary with a string or Ty-Rap at the back and that’s that.

Plants in your motorhome - Campercontact
Source: Ikea

Hang up the plants 

You can also hang up plants in your motorhome in a purchased plant hanger. Are you creative? Then of course you could make one yourself by macraming one. Be sure to not overfill the pot with soil then either.

Use a magnet 

Finally, if the plants are not too heavy, you can also secure them with a magnet to a metal strip in your camper. Glue one half of the magnet to the inside of the plant's pot and the other half to some metal material in your motorhome. Put the plant in the pot and there you have it: a firmly attached plant in your motorhome. 

Not good at taking care of plants? Or don’t feel like moving all of your plants just for a two or three week? You can of course also use fake plants! They might be slightly less useful for purifying the air, but they also provide extra atmosphere and greenery in your home on wheels. 

Share the result

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Campercontact - Brighten up the interior of your motorhome with plants (Source: Mandy Holesh @188sqft)
Source: Mandy Holesh