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How to fit snow chains on your motorhome

14 February 2023Shirley

Are you taking your motorhome to the snow? Snow chains are highly recommended, and often mandatory on the way to ski resorts. Now, what should you take into account? And how do you fit your motorhome with snow chains? Campercontact tells you more.

When purchasing motorhome snow chains, pay attention to the thickness of the links. Ideally, snow chains used for motorhomes have much thicker links. Snow chains used for passenger cars (standard 9 mm link thickness) break easily when fitted on motorhome tires.

Fitting snow chains

Snow chains are only put on the driving wheels of a motorhome. How you fit the snow chains, depends on the type of chain. It’s advisable to consult the instruction manual, but (are you impatient / strongheaded 😉 and do you think you can do without?) in general, this is how to put them on: 

  1. 1. Remove the chain from the container and untangle. 
  2.  Take the snow chain cable and slide around behind the wheel. 
  3.  Lift the cable with the opening facing up and snap it into place. 
  4.  Then drop the cable behind the wheel, while simultaneously grabbing the chains and pulling them forward. 
  5.  Shake a little, so the chain falls into place. 
  6.  Hook the first hook at the top, then secure the chain one hook or eyelet at the time.  
  7. Finally, tighten the chain by tightening the long, loose piece of chain (or rope) over the wheel to the other side. 
  8.  Repeat the previous steps when fitting the second snow chain and drive a short distance to check if you have put them on properly.  

Everything still in place? Off you go! (Don’t drive with snow chains on roads without snow or ice or the chain will wear!) Beautiful slopes and hiking trails await you. 

PS. Do you have to be on time for your ski lesson? Schedule some extra driving time, with snow chains you won’t go faster than 50 km per hour.