Motorhome sales increase due to COVID-19

19 November 2021Shirley

Motorhome sales increase due to COVID-19

A positive development in these turbulent times: more and more people decide to buy a motorhome because of the coronavirus crises. The NKC, parent company of Campercontact, held a survey among 2,500 Dutch motorhome owners who had bought a motorhome in 2020 and 2021. Of these, 17 percent indicated that their purchase was influenced by the worldwide pandemic. The plan to buy a motorhome often already existed, but COVID-19 has caused many to act sooner. Twenty percent of this group even indicates that they would not have had a motorhome now if there were no COVID-19.

Not only in the Netherlands more people decided to buy a motorhome. Figures from ECF, the European Caravan Federation, confirm that motorhomes are unprecedentedly popular. In the period from September 2020 to June 2021, 46.3% more motorhomes were sold throughout Europe than in the same period a year earlier.

The way of travelling is decisive

The freedom and the coronaproof way of travelling are the decisive factors. As a motorhome owner with sanitary facilities on board, you are self-sufficient. You have the freedom you are looking for and are not dependent on the sanitary facilities at a motorhome site. Ideal at a time when these are closed due to COVID-19.

Majority buys second hand motorhome

Of the motorhome buyers that participated in the survey, 69 % went for a second-hand model. Just under a third, 27 %, bought a new one and 4 % bought a bus and converted it to a motorhome themselves.