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'Camping behaviour allowed'… what does it mean?

17 May 2021Shirley

Camping behaviour allowed… what does it mean?

“Camping behaviour? Does that include activities like walking to the sanitary block with a toilet roll under your arm?” This is what our newly joined colleague at Campercontact jokingly asked us during one of her first working days. Of course, the question was tongue-in-cheek, but the answer is definitely relevant. And not just to her, but to you as a Campercontact user as well, since “camping behavior allowed” is one of the filter options available on Campercontact.

To be clear, the answer is no! ‘Camping (or camping-like) behaviour’ has nothing to do with toilet rolls. It characterises intended behaviour of motorhome users at a motorhome stopover. The precise definition isn’t easy to find, but roughly includes ‘all activities that a motorhome operator carries out outside his motorhome’.

Keeping it all in (grill included)

The moment you’re at a motorhome stopover where ‘camping behaviour’ is not allowed, you can sleep and cook in your motorhome, but you can’t bring out the camping table and grill to enjoy a good piece of meat with a matching local wine. Even rolling out the awning or drying your laundry is officially not allowed at these motorhome stopovers.

We stress to say ‘officially’, because the concept of ‘camping behavior’ is interpreted differently all around. What is condoned at one location, is absolutely not done at another. So, it pays to check at the individual stopover to see what is or isn’t tolerated. Ideally before you roll out the grill. Here are two pointers for your fact-finding mission:

  1. Check on the spot whether a regulation is put up. These usually include imposed restrictions on ​​‘camping behaviour’, if applicable.
  2. Look at the layout of the motorhome stopover. If the parking space doesn’t offer room for recreation, you can assume it’s not permitted.

What the filter “Camping behaviour allowed” does

And on to the Campercontact filter option. At the filter 'camping behaviour allowed' in the Campercontact app and website you can select whether you prefer a motorhome site where camping behaviour is allowed or not. Or if you have no preference. So if you select:

  • Camping behaviour allowed: 'No preference', you will see both locations where you are allowed to show camping behaviour and locations where you are not.
  • Camping behaviour allowed: 'Yes', you will see motorhome sites where you are allowed to show camping behaviour.
  • Camping behaviour allowed': ‘No’, you will be shown sites where you are not allowed to show camping behaviour.

This filter is particularly relevant for motorhome stopovers and to a much lesser degree for campsites. After all, aren’t campsites by definition made for camping behaviour?

So, break out the toilet paper, and off you go!