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Tip against winter blues: Anticipate your next camper trip

17 January 2023Erik van Laar

Beautiful, the winter. A time of coziness, sitting by the fire or under a blanket. But that weather! Dreary days of rain and cold. Will the sun ever shine again? It is no surprise that most motorhome owners have their camper inside for a while during this period. Only the photos still remind of that wonderful, free camper feeling. Before you know it, you’ll end up with winter blues. But fortunately there is an easy solution for this: start daydreaming of your next camper trip now!

While your motorhome is probably safely parked in a storage facility, there is nothing to stop you from bringing that vacation feeling forward. All you need for a good dose of anticipation is a nice cappuccino and an idea of where you want to go. The rest you do with Campercontact: the app or the website.

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Finding campsites or motorhome stops

You can of course buy a ready-made motorhome route, but if you really want to figure it out all by yourself, fortunately it's very easy. Say you want to go to Tuscany, a beautiful region to explore with your motorhome. Use the search window or the map and your virtual trip can start! But how do you go about this in a practical way? Because in Tuscany there are hundreds of locations where you can stay overnight with your RV. Finding a location that suits you can be quite a hassle.

Use the advanced search filters (see image) to easily and quickly find locations that match your preferences. For example, if you only want to see motorhome stops with a minimum rating of 4.5, with toilet facilities, where you can stay for 7 days or more in your travel period, then there will be a handful of locations left. Then check the remaining sites one by one.

Advanced filtering Campercontact

Advanced search in the Campercontact app

Save locations as favorites

Maybe you find them all interesting, maybe only a few, but later you want to be able to easily find those locations back again. You can write them down old school on a notepad, create an excel sheet (many motor home owners do), or - and this is the simplest method - save them as favorites. In the Campercontact app and on the website, just click the heart icon and you're done. All your favorites neatly stored in your personal profile. You can always find them again later via the menu:

  • In the app: click on the hamburger menu and then on My Favorites
  • On the website: click on your account name at the top right and then on My Favorites.

If you select My Favorites, you'll see a list of your saved locations and the option to view them on the map. The great thing is: you can now apply filters again if necessary, so that in the end you are left with the very best locations.

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Saved favorite locations on Campercontact

Dream away every now and then

Okay, now you have a list of locations that suit your ideal motorhome vacation. Just grab this list for those moments when winter hits you. Guaranteed to make your winter blues disappear like snow in the sun.

Prepare out of necessity

Some motor home owners travel completely unprepared, but the vast majority prepare motorhome trips to some extent. Over 21% of European motor home owners do so even more than 3 months before starting a trip, according to our own research (conducted in November 2022).

Very practical, because campsites and motorhome stopovers are increasingly full. So early planning simply becomes necessary. It’s really annoying when you're standing in front of a fully booked location.

Early planning is also a bit therapeutic: in dark days the anticipation gives satisfaction. But what if the anticipation ultimately is greater than the pleasure of the camper trip itself? Oh well, you'll see. Chances are that at least the sun will be shining. Besides, you can always start planning your next trip!

Campercontact PRO+

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