Tips to ‘travel better’

17 May 2022Shirley

Tips to ‘travel better’

Society is becoming more sustainable in many areas. And that does not go unnoticed by the motorhome owner. They, too, aim to ‘travel better’. This means that the motorhome owner of the future can also still set out with their beloved house on wheels. Campercontact and parent company NKC are happy to contribute to this. For example, by sharing some tips on how to ‘travel better’. After all, a better world starts with you!

Learn about local customs

Before leaving, learn about the traditions, customs, and social climate of your destination. If relevant, learn some words of the language. This leads to a better understanding of - and more enjoyable connection with - the local population! And whether it be religion, history, dress, cuisine or communication habits, respect their customs and enjoy them.

If you are open minded towards 'the locals' and show respect, this will contribute to a unique experience and the preservation of cultures.

Campercontact blog: Tips to ‘travel better’
-> Oh, and wherever you are, always ask people if they agree to be photographed before taking a picture. Their privacy matters just as much as your own! 😉

Make your trip more sustainable and environmentally friendly

If you want to travel more sustainably and environmentally friendly, all roads lead to Rome.

  • Some examples:
  • Adjust your driving behavior so that you drive more efficiently (timely gear shifting is the key)
  • Purchase sustainable products and materials for your motorhome
  • Buy sustainable and local food (for) on the road (more on this below!).
  • Use water and energy sparingly. Only use heating, light and air conditioning if you really need it, and only take quick showers.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle from home that you can fill at a free drinking water tap.
  • Take reusable cloth bags with you on your motorhome trip. Ideal if you go shopping and better for the environment. Plastic waste cannot always be avoided, but you will see that this already makes a big difference!
  • Pack washable dishcloths rather than disposable cleaning cloths.
  • Separate your waste on the go as well.
  • Generate your own energy by placing solar panels on your camper
  • Rent an electric motorhome for your trip. Going out with your own non-electric motorhome? Even then you can contribute to a cleaner environment! Buy cleaner fuel by filling up with blue diesel (indicated as b7) or renewable diesel, such as HVO100, NesteMY (indicated as XTL).

*HVO100 'Neste MY Renewable Diesel', CO2 saving Diesel', complies with EN15940 and is, according to the manufacturers, suitable for every diesel engine. However, in practice it appears that many motorhome brands are not allowed to use this high-quality clean diesel. Check in advance which applies to your brand of motorhome.

Enjoy the environment in a healthy way

Did you find a motorhome site that meets your needs with the help of our app or website? Then it's time to enjoy the surroundings! If you do this by bike, on foot, by kayak or by SUP, you are not only being healthy, but it’s also an environmentally friendly activity. And are you enjoying some of the local food in the meantime? Then make sure to take your rubbish with you. This seems obvious, but it still happens far too often! After all, it’s just as easy to throw it in the bin!

Campercontact blog: enjoy the environment in a healthy way

Think about - and pay for - nature!

Respect the flora and fauna as much as possible. Protect natural resources such as jungles, forests and waters, and don’t buy products made from animals or plants that are going extinct. If you spot wild animals, keep an appropriate distance, do not give food to lure them, keep noise pollution to a minimum and do not chase them.

It might seem a bit strange to have to pay for nature, but it is not! It provides you, your fellow man and the next generation with so much. With your visit to a national park or natural heritage, you contribute to its preservation, so that we can continue to enjoy it in the future. Of course, this also applies to visiting cultural heritage and your participation in cultural activities.

Shop and eat locally

With your participation in on-site tastings, eating at local restaurants and shopping in local stores, you can kill several birds with one stone! You buy the tastiest products and dishes and at the same time contribute to the local economy. Restaurants often buy from local farmers and fishermen, so your tasty plate of food is fresher than fresh. The regional dishes and products from the local market, baker and butcher also contribute to the preservation of the local culture and economy. So enjoy all the delicacies from the area to the fullest!

Campercontact blog: Shop and eat locally

Share your experience

Have you returned from another unforgettable motorhome trip? Share your experiences and photos with others and let them enjoy it. Enjoy the cuisine of the destination country when you return home, share precious memories with friends, family and fellow campers and cherish your ‘better’ experience.

Campercontact blog: share your experience