BearLock - Benelux B.V.

Emmeloord, Noordoostpolder, Flevoland, Netherlands


BearLock is the inventor and patent holder of the modern gearbox / steering axle lock, with bicycle lock principle & flip key (NRK / FK). BearLock has built up an excellent reputation in the Benelux for more than 15 years, with regard to the mechanical security of your precious motorhome. Unique & patented system (also Dutch Patent). Therefore, BearLock is the only original and legal product on the car market. BearLock only uses own ideas / designs; no patent infringement. Guaranteed acceptance by all insurers, because BearLock is the only one legal. No conflict of interest; completely independent. Fair & transparent. Extra protection against accidental blocking; only & exclusively at Bearlock. BearLock is the only company that offers a 10-year warranty & 3 (folding) keys. Robust & reliable. Indisputably proven effective. Not only for common motorhomes, but also for older and special models. No malfunctions. No subscription costs. No re-inspections or maintenance. Fast & simple to use. Safe on the road. No chance of "spontaneous" blocking and / or other calamities. Only permitted by importers such as PON and Louwman (Toyota & Lexus). No void of manufacturer's warranty. Friendly to your vehicle; just adds something. No internal damage. Protects PREVENTIVE: vehicle remains in the (parking) place. Also the only one; 100% secure key procedure; fraud and / or counterfeiting excluded. Very much exceeds the VbV / SCM-MP 03 standard (= only 3 min. Resistance against sabotage) BearLock scores much better. Unspoken reputation and service since 2003. Do not take any risks and choose security, so for the original & legal product; recognizable by 3 keys with the Bear logo. Do not be fooled; there is only one real and also legal BearLock with unique features and the same quality.

Motorhome accesories
  • Distributieweg 3A

    8304 BJ, Emmeloord, Netherlands

    52° 41' 29" N

    5° 45' 35" E



  • +31(0)527-291430



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