Manual - How to import the Campercontact POI's into your navigation system.

Campercontact offers the possibility to put all motorhome stops of Europe on the navigation system. This way you can easily navigate to a motorhome stop.

Steps to put the database on the navigation system

  • STEP 1: Click on the downloads page on the 'Garmin' link (all countries or one country) and on the 'Iconfile'. Save both files in a folder on your computer. Name this folder, for example, 'POI Campercontact'. You can save multiple datasets in the same folder.

  • STEP 2: To add POI's to the Garmin you'll have to have POI-loader installed. This program is free to download and available for Windows and Mac: download POI-loader.

  • STEP 3: Connect the Garmin to the computer using the USB data cable that came with the Garmin. Start the program POI-loader. This program will find the Garmin, click 'continue'. Browse to the folder 'POI Campercontact' where you saved the files and follow the instructions on the screen. Before the program closes you'll receive a report with the number of installed locations.

You can now disconnect the Garmin from your computer. Once you boot the Garmin, you can find the motorhome stops at 'My Places'.

NOTE! The motorhome stops will not be displayed on the map, they are only visible in a list.