All our motorhome sites on your navigation system

All Campercontact motorhome stopovers, campsites and service areas on your TomTom or Garmin navigation system? That is possible! Campercontact offers several POI downloads, so you can easily navigate to the next place to stay.

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With the POI downloads from Campercontact on your navigation system you can easily navigate to the next motorhome site.

    Which files do you offer and with which information?

    The POI downloads (also called datasets) in the web shop are offered per country or in packages and in the following file formats: .csv, .ov2 and .kml. And a .bmp icon file. This last file is used by some navigation systems to mark sites on the map.

    The information in the data set is structured as follows: Longitude, Latitude, “City / Location name / Category / Sitecode / Max. amount of places / Phone Number”. The POI downloads are therefore an addition to the Campercontact platform, with all the motorhome site information.

    • The category can be: Cpl (motorhome stopover), Cmp (campsite) or Spl (service area).
    • The max. amount of places is indicated by a hash (#) followed by a number.
    • The sitecode is a unique number with which you can find more information about the motorhome site on or in the Campercontact app.

    Popular products

    Southwestern Europe € 15,99

    Northeastern Europe € 12,99

    Scandinavia € 9,99

    My navigation system is from another brand. What can I do?

    First check which extension is suitable for your navigation system. In many cases this is the Garmin file (.csv file). Download the Garmin files below. If you need a different extension for your system then you'll have to convert it. You can use POIedit (Windows) or POIconvert (Mac) to do this.

    Installation Support

    Campercontact does not support the implementation of POI-files on your system. We refer you to the website or helpdesk of the brand of your navigation system.