DISCLAIMER & Privacy Statement

DISCLAIMER & Privacy Statement

Informing you correctly is of key importance to the NKC. You can rest assured we will do everything possible to provide you with correct content. Protection of privacy is also our priority. Personal details of members of the NKC, and also of other visitors to our sites, will be treated with the greatest care. Your name or address will never be made available to any third party unless they are working for the NKC and they, in turn, guarantee absolute confidentiality. Please inform us immediately if you find the information is inaccurate, incomplete or if you think, or suspect, that personal information is treated incorrectly. Inform us via webredactie@kampeerauto.nl or call Marretje Jelmersma, union affairs manager and responsible for privacy matters, via +31/0 33 467 70 70.

Addition Disclaimer:
The foregoing is paramount. You can hold us accountable for this. At the same, a lot of the content of our websites is created with input from others, often users like you. It is impossible for us to control everything. And also we are people who can make mistakes. You should therefore always consult multiple sources and continue to take personal responsibility for your actions as a result of what you read. The following applies to our publications. By using the information, you agree with the content.
- We exclude any liability to the maximum extent possible. All the information we provide is for your personal use only. No rights may be derived from the provided information. Changes and typing errors reserved. The NKC accepts no liability for damages of any kind caused by the use, incompleteness or inaccuracy of the provided information.
- The information and recommendations on our websites can be changed without prior warning or notice. We strive to make the content of our websites as much as possible available but we accept no responsibility for any consequences as a result of (temporary) unavailability of our websites.
- Copyrights and intellectual property rights

The copyright of this website belongs to the NKC or third parties who have made, with permission, this material (image) available to the NKC. Duplication in any form is only allowed after prior approval of the NKC.

Addition Privacy Statement
You can visit our website without informing us who you are or revealing any information about yourself. However, it may be easier to register. This applies to NKC members who can often login as a member. But it also applies to other visitors who can make it easier for themselves by (if possible) creating a profile. There are also situations in which we need information from you, for example to correspond with you, to make a reservation or to apply for a membership. It is also possible that unique codes, connected with your visit to our website, will be used in future to adjust content to your desires and needs in order to inform you more specific about certain matters. For this reason we are also using cookies. These are small and simple data files that will be stored on your computer, and only serve to facilitate the use of our website. If preferred, you can also disable cookies by third parties on your own computer. We also track the number of visitors, the websites they came from and the provider that is giving access to the internet. The results are only used in aggregated form and not in an individual identifiable form. Personal information collected will not be sold or provided to third parties. With the exception of certain circumstances, for example when required by law. Also, at any time you may request us to remove your information from our files. Our website contains links and references to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites and we advise you to check with them how your privacy will be handled.