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55759 Praia da Boca do Rio23-4-2018 1
It is a place for daytime. The traffic sign officially says "no parking at night". Beach is idyllic and a nice place for a day. The camper place in figuera is an excellent alternative for the night. Report with camper for 18.00 hours!
50650 Parking de Belem23-4-2018 3
Great place on the water. A bit far from the old center, but on the bike to do well. Only that traffic: train, engine! Car, police, ambulance, truck, air traffic ....... I thought in the morning that everything came into our camper.
26685 Figueira Caravan Park23-4-2018 4
There is a nice new, cozy tent. Simple, but top pizzas and pastas and everything fresh. And cheap! The terrain and right up. Can not miss!
54015 Aire Municipale Verrieres23-4-2018 9
Very quiet place to edge of village. No busy road passing. Excellent facilities. New we believe in 2017. Free electricity for maximum 48 hours. What more can we say? Well worth 9+.
49141 Camperplaats Jachthaven Biesbosch23-4-2018 10
Delicious cp with everything derop and deraan cozy village and at the buoy delicious eaten ....... sanitary fine
8478 Reisemobilstellplatz am Kuhhirten23-4-2018 10
very neat camper place where it is good to stay .nette showers and toilets. pleasant manager couple and staff. you are in the center of beautiful Bremen.
9139 Sportcentrum Sportoase Elshout23-4-2018 8
Can be a little noisy due to the road but besides that, excellent spot. The nearby park is wonderful and you could easily spend a whole day there; walking or cycling. Grey and cassette empty available and water for 50 cent per 50 litres.
12411 Wohnmobilhafen Rockenhausen23-4-2018 4
Unfortunately, this place is permanently used by "socially weak" permanent campers. In addition, it is quite unadorned and is directly adjacent to the busy in the season parking lot of the neighboring swimming pool. At the weekends football is played across the stadium. The school is not far away either. It can therefore always be restless. The city itself is quite "dead".
53907 Plaza de las Palmeras23-4-2018 8
Well situated for central town. Short walk to local bars. The town famous for its leather is worth a look. Full facilities available but you need a token. These are available from “piscina Cubierta” (nearest) police station and tourist information free of charge. Streets are quite narrow getting into town but ok at the parking site which is free for up to 72 hours.
12370 Sulzbachtal23-4-2018 3
The place is quite tight for the specified number of campers. What bothered us was the crackling, buzzing high voltage line that runs across the square. We have therefore avoided a neighboring pitch in another location.