Download all countries in one file

Download all countries in one file (right click and save as)

North-east Europe
South-west Europe

Or download per country

Albania Albania
Andorra Andorra
Belgium Belgium
Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia-Herz.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Denmark Denmark
Germany Germany
Estonia Estonia
Finland Finland
France France
Greece Greece
Hungary Hungary
Ireland Ireland
Iceland Iceland
Italy Italy
Croatia Croatia
Latvia Latvia
Lithuania Lithuania
Luxemburg Luxemburg
Macedonia Macedonia
Morocco Morocco
Montenegro Montenegro
Netherlands The Netherlands
Norway Norway
Ukraine Ukraine
Austria Austria
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal
Spain Spain
Romenia Romenia
Serbia Serbia
Slovenia Slovenia
Slovakia Slovakia
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Turkey Turkey
Un. Kingdom Un. Kingdom
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland

Besides the Campercontact-app we offer the possibility to import the complete database into your navigation system. This way you can easily navigate to a motorhome stop.

North-East Europe

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Ireland, United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, , Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia-Herz., Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Iran, Armenia.

South-West Europe

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco, Monaco, Andorra, Malta.

Attention! You also need to download the Iconfile and place it into the same folder in which the navigation file is located. This icon displays the motorhome stops on your navigation system.

The files above are generated realtime. This way you'll always have the most up-to-date database. Click on one of the following links for more information about downloading and installing the POI's into your navigation system.

Manual for: TomTom | Garmin | Other navigation systems

Which information will I find in this file? An example:

6.09793,52.234597,"c / TWELLO / Sporthal Jachtlust / mix-parking / Jachtlustplein 7 [6718]"

The letters s and c behind the coordinates show the accuracy:
S stands for street level - the actual location can not be determined exactly.
C stands for motorhome location - controlled motorhome location.
[6718] is the sitecode of the location.