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Peter, Myran and Luka: the sequel, the present and the future

17 June 2022Shirley

Peter, Myran and Luka: the sequel, the present and the future

Peter, Myran and dog Luka have changed their life’s course. They have been living in their motorhome since the beginning of 2022 and are 'Endless on Wheels'. In three blogs, they provide answers to questions such as: how does such a dream become reality? What makes you decide to leave your house behind and live in your motorhome? How are you experiencing your first adventures as full-time motorhomers? And they talk about their plans for the future. In this third and final part they tell us about their most recent adventures in Italy and Greece. They also share their plans for the future with us. 

The second part of our blog story ended in a parking lot next to a cemetery between Castellane and Nice. After a long day we parked 'the Eindeloos' there to recover from the special day full of unexpected twists. The next day at breakfast we would decide how we would continue our journey: do we turn right towards Spain and Portugal and hopefully also to Morocco? Or do we turn left and visit Italy, Greece and Turkey?

Peter, Myran and Luka: Peter and Luka in front of the Trevi Fountain - Campercontact
Peter and Luka in front of the Trevi Fountain

We choose the latter. Especially because of the messages we have read about Spain. In many Facebook groups people spoke about very busy motorhome sites, but also the first reports that Spain is going to prohibit free parking up anywhere. Despite the fact that the temperatures in the winter in the Iberia region are higher than in the Balkans, we opt for the less crowded region. In the end, we traveled through Italy for the first few weeks. The first city we visit is Lucca (you guessed it, our dog is named after this beautiful city). We spent the night here at Parking Luporini (site code 77937). We drive on and even drive into Rome with our combination, where we found a great motorhome site again, thanks to Campercontact (site code 4912). A super nice experience! We would also like to mention that our visit to Rome has been made unforgettable by the reception staff of Area Sosta Autocaravan LGP. But more about that in our YouTube video from week 2.

Peter, Myran en Luka: Village of Savoca, where, among other things, the filming of The Godfather took place
Village of Savoca, where, among other things, the filming of The Godfather took place

Bella Italia 

We then visited a number of beautiful places in Italy, but when we made the crossing to Sicily, we knew for sure that we made the right choice. What a wonderfully beautiful island Sicily is! We kind of fell in love with it. We stopped there at a number of very nice motorhome sites of which we would like to highlight one specifically. If you’re ever planning to spend the winter in a quiet but climate-wise favorable location with a lovely owner who will help you with everything, then Parking Triscell (site code 74789) at Saint Alessio Siculo is your place. With help of the owner, we rented a car and took beautiful trips in the area. We visited the villages where the movie The Godfather was shot. It can hardly get more Italian! The campsite itself is ideal for longer stays. It is connected directly on the beach via a path. There is a beautiful boulevard for walking and cycling and you will receive a list from the owner via Whatsapp with all kinds of good restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

We stayed here for four days and then drove around the beautiful island for three weeks. We visited the Valley of the Temples, which, to be honest, we didn't even know existed, but it was truly a visit to remember. And Palermo of course. There we used the city’s motorhome site (site code 7892). Palermo is a bit busier than the cities we visited before, which made it quite a big thing to come here. But then you find yourself really in the middle of Palermo and you can walk straight into the beautiful old city enter.

Motorhome site of the year

After visiting Palermo we decided that we want to gradually make our to Greece. When we were back on the mainland we drove towards Matera. This city made an indelible impression on us. We'll just let the photos speak for themselves. We understand why this location was chosen for shooting the latest James Bond film. After visiting the city we arrived at another special location; Area Camper Kartodromo Matera (site code 67002). We drove onto a real kart track and according to the experts, 'our Max Verstappen' has driven a few laps here during his kart-period. It is a unique place with a very friendly welcome and amazing sanitary facilities. We were therefore not surprised when a few weeks later it turns out that this location won Campercontact motorhome site of the year 2022 - Italy.

In this video you can see how 'The Endless' is driven into the DRS zone by Peter. Of course with matching Formula 1 music.

The coldest winter in 20 years

At the time of writing we have made the crossing to Greece and we have been driving around the Peloponnese for four weeks. We’ve had a great time here too. Our special athlete runs the oldest 100 meter track (more about that in this video) and we spend a little longer at Camping Fare (site code 79836) in beautiful Kalamata where the washing machine costs only 1 euro coin. You’ll be very happy about this if you have a lot of laundry. The weather is a bit disappointing in Greece. We're told it's the coldest winter in 20 years and that makes the experience a bit different. It makes us stay a little longer at a campsite with power supply. We experience another heavy snow shower while driving through the mountains, but we are also on beautiful beaches and discover Beach-campsite Argolic (site code 54056); a location with a fantastic sanitary block. We’ve never seen such beautiful sanitary facilities at a motorhome site. Certainly not in Greece. It’s a pleasure to walk over with your shampoo bottle to take a lovely rain shower.

Peter, Myran and Luka's 'The Endless' at beach camping Argolic
'The Endless' at beach camping Argolic

What about the future?

The plan to go to Turkey is currently uncertain. In view of the current situation in Ukraine we have our doubts. We're leaning towards 'yes, we're just going to do it', but we don't know yet. We’re really living by the day now and only know that we want to be back in August for a wedding in the Netherlands. Are we going back here again after that? We don't know that either. So we just surrender to elements such as the weather, events, recommendations, but unfortunately also due to less pleasant events, which means that traveling to a certain region may not be wise. It’s precisely this freedom that matters to us: being able to choose where to go every day without the need for anything. We get a lot of questions on our social media about this way of life, what you need, what it means in terms of money, whether the trailer is a pleasure or a burden and so on. We try to answer these questions as best as possible in our videos. And maybe we'll do another live session about what it's like to live in a motorhome. But for the first half of the year, we will try to just experience everything. Actually, only now, in the third month after departure, do we get the feeling that we are living in the motorhome, and the feeling is starting to take over the holiday feeling that we mainly had up to now. However, our joy remains. Are there no drawbacks at all? If we have to name something; yes, you will gain a few pounds. Are we missing something else? Yes, of course we miss our children, family and friends, but our house, no, not at all because our house is now really 'the Endless' and we are Endless on Wheels! 🚐💨

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This was the last blog of Endless on Wheels. They are happy to tell you a lot more about the countless fun things they experience while on their journey via their social media channels, and about the completely different life they live now compared to their lives just a few months ago: a life with a full-time job and a routine. Want to stay informed about the adventures of Peter, Myran and Luka? Follow them on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.