10 tips for motorhoming in the snow

19 January 2023Shirley

10 tips for motorhoming in the snow

A motorhome holiday in winter? Get ready for a special adventure! A motorhome trip in winter requires different preparations than one in spring or summer. Especially if you take your motorhome on a ski trip. You can leave your sandals, shorts and inflatable crocodile at home, and use the space for snow boots, snow shovel, hats and skis. These motorhome tips guarantee a carefree preparation and will turn your motorhome winter holiday into an unforgettable experience.

Tip 1: Check the starter battery and replace if necessary. Low temperatures – certainly sub-zero, require a battery in mint condition. A battery performs best at 20 degrees celsius. Below freezing, performance drops to only 25%. To avoid problems with starting the engine after night frost, have the battery checked before departure.

Tip 2: Treat all rubbers around doors and windows with glycerine or silicone spray to prevent freezing and tearing. Locks can be lubricated with graphite.

Tip 3: Pack a hand broom and don’t forget a ladder. This saves effort when keeping the roof of your motorhome snow-free.

Tip 4: Check the tread depth of your motorhome’s snow tires. A tread of at least 4 millimetres is a must to prevent slipping and sliding. Snow chains are also required.

Tip 5: Fetch your snow chains from the garage a week early and practice fitting them at home. Once in daylight, and once in the dark. This way, you’re sure to perform better when push comes to shove. Also take a mat, lamp, safety vest and gloves, they’re very useful when putting on snow chains. In many countries, a safety vest is even mandatory.

Tip 6. In winter, gas heating is often cheaper than electric. When temperatures are low, make sure to always have a spare supply of gas on hand. If the current bottle runs out faster than planned, you don’t have to sit in the cold. Choose gas with a high propane content, preferably even pure propane. Butane gas does not evaporates below freezing.

Tip 7. In addition, ensure sufficient insulation and bring cover grilles and other attachments designed to keep the cold out. This way you keep the heat inside as long as possible. There are special cover grilles available for the ventilation grille of the refrigerator and attachments for the chimney. Don’t need the cab area as living space? Close it off with an insulating blanket and use insulating covers that seal both the inside and outside of the front windows. The specialist trade offers covers for almost all models.

Tip 8. Check the blades of the windscreen wipers and pack enough anti-freeze fluid and several long ice scrapers. These break off easily in the cold, so taking a few spare scrapers might be a lifesaver.

Tip 9. Is your waste water tank mounted under the camper? Leave the drain open and check that it runs vertically and is spacious enough so no waste water accumulates and freezes.

Tip 10. Finally: refuel regularly and don’t wait until the tank is (almost) empty.

We have also created a winter camping to do, to pack and to check list. Curious? View, and download, it here:

Overwhelmed by this long list of tips? No need: the first step is the hardest 😉. Moreover, the fantastic experience of a motorhome winter holiday will quickly turn the extensive preparations into a distant memory.

Well, what are you waiting for? Adventure is waiting!