Motorhoming in the winter checklist ✅

09 November 2022Shirley

Motorhoming in the winter

A motorhome winter holiday requires a lot of preparation and thinking. We’re happy to help you out with a few pointers! With this well-organized checklist, you’ll be on your way to any winter motorhome site of your choice in no time, without a worry in the world.

Wintercamping - To check ✔

  • Check starter battery and replace if necessary
  • Check snow tires for at least four millimetres tread depth
  • Check wiper blades and replace if necessary
  • Check windscreen fluid level. Use a variant with antifreeze properties up to -20 °C
  • Check coolant level. Use liquid with protection up to -30 °C
wintercamping checklist

Wintercamping - To do ✔

  • Clean and grease battery terminals
  • Treat door and window rubbers with glycerine or silicone spray
  • Spray locks with graphite against freezing

Wintercamping - To buy or pack ✔

  • Anti-fog clot
  • De-icing spray
  • Suitable snow chains with thick links (thickness of at least 12 mm, preferably 16 mm)
  • Accident triangle and warning lamp. Store in an easily accessible place
  • Safety vest, work gloves and mat for mounting snow chains
  • Ice scrapers. One spare in case of breaking
  • Hand broom and ladder to clear windshield and roof
  • Insulation material to cover windows
  • Insulating blanket to close off the living area from the cab area if applicable
  • If you own a gas heater: purchase propane gas. Preferably pure. (Butane does not evaporates below freezing and no longer serves as fuel)
  • Jumper cables as starting aid
  • Towing cables
Motorhoming in the Winter - Checklist