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The winners of the Campercontact Sustainability Award 2024

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23 May 2024Tessa Spek

We believe in the power of sustainability when it comes to motorhoming and motorhome sites. To showcase this we have our own Sustainability Award here at Campercontact. Where we look for the most sustainable motorhome sites and campings throughout The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Denmark. The most inspiring, sustainable and impactful initiatives get a chance to win an award. We are delighted to announce the winners of our 2024 Sustainability Award!

A sustainable future for the world of motorhomes

We take great pride in our sustainability at Campercontact. We strive to really make a difference in the world of motorhomes. From choosing the best sites to recognizing really progressive initiatives, we are on top of it when it comes to sustainability. With our Campercontact Sustainability award we want to inspire and motivate managers and at the same time encourage users to make greener choices. Together we can really make a difference and contribute to a better, greener, future for us all.

The winners are...

Camperparc Stee in Lhee

Sustainable initiative: The Netherlands

Camperparc Stee in Lhee (sitecode: 89416)

A simply phenomenal place for a holiday. There are spacious sites for motorhomes and there is a sauna too! But most importantly, the site is very sustainable. For example, energy and water saving measures are used. Waste is separated throughout the site and the owners take care of biodiversity. In addition, the judges were particularly impressed by the reuse of materials that were used to construct various buildings. Well done!

Among the contenders also were De Heicohoeve en Camperplaats Houbenhof. Because of their great sustainable initiatives and they also deserve an honourable mention.

Last year's winner, Camperplaats De Weitens, received the 'keep up the good work' award.

Camperpunt Ravenstein

Sustainable initiative: Belgium

Camperpunt Ravenstein (sitecode: 104753)

A very rich, biodiverse site with beautiful bird nesting habitats throughout the vineyard. Here they also grow their own fruit and vegetables and water is being recycled. You will also find that Camperpunt Ravenstein has their own tourist information point, where they choose to educate tourists about the environment by providing information on local sustainable initiatives in the area. The fact that the motorhome stopover does so much already and still has bigger and better sustainable ambitions really pleased the judges. Keep up the good work!


Sustainable initiative: Germany

Kornberg-Borderland-Camping (sitecode: 58657)

The perfect location for a variety of activities that also is sustainable, what more could you ask for? The judges liked the very original way of saving water here. In addition to the separate waste systems they also created an original way to save plastic too: with self made coffee cups out of organic polyethylene (PE) made from sugar cane. With this ‘own cup’ feature, recycling is encouraged and coffee comes cheaper when you bring your own cup. Local economy and biodiversity is stimulated here too, a great initiative to make motorhomers environmentally aware in a fun and low key way.

Naturpark-Camping Prinzenholz deserves an honourable mention for its sustainable initiatives too.

La Clairière du Verbamont

Sustainable initiative: France

La Clairière du Verbamont (sitecode: 88601)

A small and quiet motorhome site, situated in the middle of the forest. Biodiversity is promoted and water saving initiatives are here too. Energy is generated with the use of solar panels. The anti-food waste initiative was a nice initiative according to the judges. They liked the communal fridge stocked with ‘Too Good To Go’ packs. A very unique way to reduce food waste.

The Camping Au Port-Punay also received an honourable mention from the judges.

Camping Schartner Alm

Sustainable initiative: Italy

Camping Schartner Alm (sitecode: 79717)

With great facilities and beautiful views this is a great campsite. But they also are working on all sorts of different sustainable alternatives. Rain water is being reused, the pool is chemical free and there are over 300 trees planted already. The onsite restaurant uses local produce only and the campsite has an oil separator. The fact that this camping site has a climate certificate was the final straw for the judges.

Nomadic Valencia Camping Car

Sustainable initiative: Spain

Nomadic Valencia Camping Car (sitecode: 97998)

Only a bike ride away from Valencia you find Nomadic Valencia Camping Car. A sustainable campsite that separates waste, saves energy and water. The motorhome site has a small store that sells various local products and they have a veggie patch onsite too. The jury also appreciated the wider sustainable existence of the site, such as the involvement of tourism in the area and organisation of events in the region which is a great initiative!

Ballum Camping

Sustainable initiative: Denmark

Ballum Camping (sitecode: 25711)

On the edge of the Wadden Sea National Park in Denmark lies Ballum Camping. Besides the beautiful facilities, the campsite is sustainable in every possible way. They now have installed solar panels on the roofs of all their buildings, so they are self-sufficient in electricity. A heat pump is installed, there are hot water panels for showering and the washing up water tank is powered with solar energy for hot water too. There are water-saving measures that include free use of dishwashers. They let guests pay per used kWh, which encourages them to be economical in the use of electricity.

We are very proud of all the winners for this year's Campercontact Sustainability Award and congratulations to all for your commitment to sustainability. By following their example, we all can contribute to a greener, cleaner world.

About the jury

Marieke van Dijl (Sustainability Programme Manager NKC) and Melanie and Mariëlle Masseurs (owners of CamperHomie) had the honour of judging the Campercontact Sustainability Award. The large number of entries and the surprisingly high level of initiatives put a smile on the judges' faces all around.

"The jury was impressed with the high standard of entries this year. It is great to see that so many campsites/motorhome parks are already involved in sustainable entrepreneurship and show this in a very creative and diverse way at their sites. The jury respects the commitment of the owners and the creativity we have seen in many of them. It is good to see that the campsites/motorhome stopovers have a positive impact on their guests, thus increasing their social footprint, which is very important to us," said the jury. The jury judged on all these different facets.

Discover sustainable motorhoming

Are you ready to discover the beauty of sustainable motorhoming for yourself? Visit these award-winning motorhome sites on your next adventure and experience the positive impact of sustainability. Together we can enjoy motorhoming and the outdoors while ensuring a better future for generations to come.

Get inspired by the winners of the Campercontact Sustainability Award 2024 and come together for a greener, more sustainable world!