Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Campercontact administrator account?

  1. Go to and click log in.

  2. You will see this screen. Use the same email address as where you receive emails on from Campercontact. If you forgot your password, click on forgot password. A new password will be send to you (please also check your spam folder).

  3. Once you are logged in, click on my motorhome stopovers and select your location.


How do I change my location data?

You can manage your location details here. You can change for example your phone number or email address where consumers can reach you on.

Note: if you made any changes in the specific blocks: make sure to publish changes.


How do I add opening periods and rates?

  1. click on add Period.

  2. The following screen pops up. Fill out the field that are made green. As example, will added the period 1 May – 1 October with an overnight price of 10,- with 2,- tax per person. If taxes are not required, fill in 0,-. As long as it covers the total price per night.

  3. Click save.

  4. The extra added openingperiod is now added. Make sure to publish your changes.


How do I give a discount to Campercontact users? And what are the benefits?

By giving discount to our users, your location will be highlighted in green in campercontact app and This will make you stand out more and will lead to more bookings / reservations.

Campercontact users can earn a higher status (we have beginner, bronze, silver, gold) when they use the app more frequently, give reviews and add new locations for example.

What it looks like on the PC

What it looks like in the app

How it works

  1. Click the edit button (marked in red below), linked to the period you would like to give a discount for.

  2. This pop up appears. As example we used different discount rates, based on the status of the user (bronze, silver, gold). Fill in the discount rates.

  3. Click save.

  4. Make sure you publish changes.


How can I respond to visitor reviews?

  1. Click on add comment.

  2. Comment on the review and click publish comment.