Everything you need to know when motorhoming in Spain

l'Estartit - NKC motorhome tour Spain 2020 city and nature
l'Estartit Girona, Spain

We can't recommend motorhoming in Spain more highly. To escape to a sunny climate, to visit one of the beaches along the 4,964 kilometres of coastline or to experience the culture in beautiful cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Malaga. Find a place at one of the many motorhome sites and start exploring. Visit buildings by artists like Gaudí and Dalí, hike through the mountains of northern Spain and enjoy Spanish dishes such as paella, tapas or pinchos all day long. A post-lunch dip? Feel free to give in and take part in a tradition that is still common in Spain: The Siesta. Sounds great, right? What are you waiting for? Start planning your motorhome trip to Spain. Read the information below before you go, and you will be well prepared on your way. No time right now?

Overnight stops

Looking for a motorhome site in Spain? Use our Campercontact app for motorhome locations in Spain. Staying overnight in parking areas next to the motorway is permitted, unless there is a sign prohibiting this. The rules about wild camping in Spain are unclear. Policies vary from region to region and enforcement also differs. It is certainly not allowed in national parks. However, what is allowed is an overnight stay along freeways and specially designated parking areas for motorhomes and on campsites. You can easily find these locations on Camper Contact.

Emergency telephone number

Ambulance: 061
Fire service: 080
Police: 091
Emergency telephone number: 112

Compulsory to bring 

A warning triangle and reflective jackets for all occupants.

Roads and traffic

Campercontact landeninformatie - l' Estartit, Girona, Spain
l'Estartit Girona, Spain

Speed limits

Going to Spain with a motorhome? Then the following speed limits apply:

  • Outside built-up areas with a motorhome that weighs 3.5 tons or less: 80 km per hour
  • Outside built-up areas with a motorhome that weighs more than 3.5 tons: 80 km per hour
  • Motorway ≤ 3.5 tons: 120 km per hour
  • Motorway> 3.5 tons: 90 km per hour 

Driving in winter

Winter tyres are not compulsory in Spain. Snow chains are compulsory in places where indicated by signs.


Tolls are charged on several roads in Spain. The exact toll roads are shown here. You can also download the tariffs.

Additional load

  •  In Spain, the additional load outside the motor home can be a maximum of 2.55 meters wide and it may not extend outside the vehicle.
  • The additional load at the rear of the motorhome may not exceed 10% of the length of the vehicle. Or 15% if the load cannot be divided.
  • It is compulsory to indicate the load with a 50x50 cm reflective panel, with three diagonal red and white stripes on it. And if the load is as wide as the entire width of the motorhome then two of these boards must be attached at the ends. Together these must form an inverted V. You will be fined if the sign does not meet the Spanish guidelines.
  • If the length of your vehicle + the length of any trailer exceeds 10 metres, you must keep a minimum distance of 50 metres from the vehicle in front outside built-up areas.

Other traffic rules

A motor vehicle may not tow another motor vehicle in Spain. Towing another vehicle to a safe place is only permitted in an emergency.


Spain has a number of low emission zones, including in Barcelona and Madrid.

Low emission zone in Barcelona

In Barcelona, the low emission zones are in force on weekdays between 7.00 and 20.00. The Barcelona ring road is excluded from the low emission zone. Vehicles not registered in Spain must register to enter the low emission zone. Diesel motorhomes with an emission class of Euro 4 or higher and motorhomes with an emission class of Euro 3 or higher are eligible to register for a two-year period. Motorhomes that do not meet the requirements can register for €5, after which it is possible to apply for an exemption up to 10 times a year for a fee of €2 per day (prices in 2020 and 2021). More information or to register your motorhome? You can find more information here.

Report a change?

The information on this page is checked regularly. However, it is possible that the regulations have changed in the meantime. All information on this page is therefore subject to change. Have you discovered an error? Please let us know via our contact form and we will, if necessary, amend it as soon as possible.